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The Monday List! For January 12, 2009

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The Monday ATP Player

Andy Murray

When you take two sets off Roger Federer on hardcourts with a scoreline of 6-2, 6-2 (after losing a first set tie break), you really don’t have a lot of competition for this week’s award. Last year, a number of us got all giddy at the prospect of a troika at the top of the ATP following Nole’s emergence as a Slam champion. Already, most pundits are calling this ’09 ATP season a four-way. Andy still needs to show that his conditioning has gotten good enough to play at the top level for two weeks and seven matches (the final against Fed at the USO showed that there still is a slight problem with fatigue, in my opinion), but there’s no denying that he’s the hot hand right now, and the early fave going in to the first Slam of the year!

The Monday WTA Player

Dominika Cibulkova

Sure Vika and Elena won bigger titles, and Hopman might not be anything more than a glorified exo, but seriously, did anyone give Domi a chance at the title at Hopman when play began? A big win over Dinara Safina has to be a huge confidence builder, and while she lost earlier today (to Caro W., certainly no shame in that) at Sydney, she’s got very little to defend until late February, and the top 15 is in striking distance. And with Tatiana Golovin nursing that achy back, she’s also poised to battle Alize Cornet as the young, gorgeous face of Lacoste clothing (that’s if both of them can persuade Lacoste to include enough cotton in their Aussie outfits to avoid the fashion policing that ‘s been pledged in the wake of Cornet’s Hopman get up).

The Monday “In Other Tennis News”

A Couple of quick hits from around the world of tennis:

1) Congrats to Radek “The Worm” Stepanek for winning the Battle of ATP Stars with Better Known WTA Girlfriends at Brisbane. Wonder if Nicole and Ana had a side bet?
2) Speaking of Ana…she showed Sven the door, and says she plans to go it alone on the coaching front. Does anyone know how to say “dumb idea” in Serbian?
3) Maria Sharapova is out of the Aussie, and the speculation is we won’t be seeing her till Indian Wells. That makes this the 3rd of the last 4 Slams where the women’s champion has not appeared to defend her title. Just one more reason why "Iron Lady" Elena Dementieva needs to win a Slam.
4) Here we are starting the 2nd week of the new season, and Jelena Jankovic has yet to play an officially sanctioned WTA match. This has to be a record.

The Monday “In Other Sports News”

Back on November 24, 2008, the Philadelphia Eagles were 5-5-1, and in total disarray. Their starting QB (Donovan McNabb) was benched, the city was calling for the firing of the team’s head coach, and they sat mired in last place in the NFC East. And today, they are one win away from an appearance in the Pennsylvania Super Bowl. We Philadelphians suffered a horrible title drought for 100 consecutive pro (MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL) seasons until our Phillies surprised everyone this past October. Boy do I look forward to being surprised a 2nd consecutive time.

And from an AFC perspective – while I love Big Ben, and hope the Steelers make it to the big game, how can you not be ecstatic that its Baltimore v. Pittsburgh for the title, after the referees cost Baltimore the AFC Central title with their botched call on the Santonio Holmes stop at the 1 foot line touchdown?

Nope, He Still Didn't Break The Plane

The Monday Political News

The lead up to the Inauguration, and the dire economic news have combined to put this week’s Obama Cabinet confirmation hearings off to the back pages of the news. But the hearings promise to make for fascinating material as the week progresses. And as reports in an interesting article, while everyone is likely to be confirmed, that doesn’t mean there are not going to be some tough questions, and some potentially interesting answers. Politico highlights the 5 key confirmation battles at:

Keep your eye on the Snarlin’ Arlen Specter vs. Eric Holder showdown. Specter is running for reelection in 2010, and as is his habit, he needs to score big conservative points to win a primary in Pennsylvania. Every Senate campaign he has ran, Specter goes to the right up through the primary, then has a dramatic turnabout and runs for the center for the general election. He’s a master at the game, and his campaigns make for fascinating reading and following. No one in Pennsylvania can believe he’s held the seat for as long as he has, given that very few people like or trust him.

The Monday "Call To Action"

This fall, I was part of a small study group at my church (we call them Springboards at my UU church, they are designed to inspire us to social change) on modern slavery. It was a real eye opener. It’s believed that there are over 27 Million slaves throughout the world today, and that over 15,000 people are brought into the United States each year as slaves. Slaves work in almost every industry, and I can almost guarantee you that something you either use or eat today is, in part, the byproduct of slave labor.

Want to know what you can do to end slavery? Please visit The process of change starts with educating yourself.

The Monday Song

Whatever happened to Simple Minds? Possibly the best band to ever come out of Scotland (Nazareth is a close second in my book), they had a wonderful lead singer (Jim Kerr, who for a while was also Mr. Chrissie Hynde), made some memorable music, and dabbled in both political punk and John Hughes soundtrack pop. I liked them best when they put their poetically optimistic lyrics to a danceable beat, like they did on their best tune:

Simple Minds "Promised You A Miracle"

The Monday “Reason Potito Starace Might Wish He Was An Orphan”

An Italian convict who was let out of prison early begged to be let back in because he couldn't stand living with his parents.
Guido Beneventi, 30, called his jailers "my saviors" after they agreed to take him back.
"I just couldn't take another day with them," he said of his parents after they continuously lectured him and ordered him to clean his room.

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    Monday List is back!

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    Whoo hoo! The list is back!! I love these Moose!
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  4. patrick's Avatar
    Even though Dominika did defeat a bigger name last week, I beileve Victoria road to winning Brisbane was a tad tougher.

    Dominika: Shuaghnessy, Dellacqua, Lisicki, Safina
    Victoria: K Bondarenko, Gajdosova, Safarova, Errani, Bartoli
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    Alive and Kicking!!!!
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    auspicious start to the new year Moose. Let's hope that President Obama can stick to his guns on turning around the economy.
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    Nice to see a return of this. And absolutely LOVE Simple Minds. But big yes to the political punk, big diss to the soundtrack pop ( John Hughes).
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    Welcome back, Monday List!
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    (finally got to read this. I was banned from monday list for a while)
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