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Christmas is coming!

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Christmas is when I am really glad to have kids, so I can indulge them (and myself) in all the silly traditions that make Christmas special.

We have started already by making our Christmas pudding - this is made in November - and everyone has to stir it while saying "Go mbeimid beo ag an am seo aris", which translates as "May we all be alive at this time again". The Christmas cakes are also baked, and the kids are looking forward to icing them. Christmas cookies, a tradition we brought home from the US, are made later in the month.

I know this is a bit of a cliche, but we sing Christmas carols around the piano for the last week before Christmas. And of course the excitement really starts building up then for the kids.

Santa is too generous - we always get something a little bit unsuitable for the kids 'cos they know Mum and Dad would never buy that. Of course, they also get jigsaws and board games as well as what they requested from Santa in their letters. The kids are not allowed to go downstairs in the morning until everyone is awake, up to this my little one has tended to sleep in but I have a feeling this could change this year.

At Church on Christmas morning they meet all their friends, our priest really welcomes the kids and Santa always gets a round of applause for coming through again! They bring home some straw from the nativity scene at the church to add to their own one at home. We go for a walk on the beach after Mass and then go home together to cook Christmas dinner.

Definitely my favourite time of the year.

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  1. GVGirl's Avatar
    Countdown to Christmas!

    We will be putting up our tree this weekend. Since my RafaBoy is now 4 he'll understand Christmas even more this year. He loves the tree. The lighting of the Roc Center Christmas tree is this week.
  2. Moose's Avatar
    Awesome Morct! Hope everyone takes advantage of your starting this to share some holiday tradtions from theri family, their country or their faith.

    I'll be hanging lights around the outside of my house this afternoon (usually would do it on Saturday, but they are calling for rain, and it is a balmy 50 here today). And I have a train set that I have had since I was a kid that will get set up this weekend also.
  3. missinandre's Avatar
    I love this christmas blog! Our traditions are a bit smaller. The biggest tradition is we all help put up the christmas tree, so that it contains bits and peices of all of us. My husband and I light up the yard together (I hang garland and red ribbons on the fence and he does the lighting ) And my kids of course, love it when I take out the Christmas CDs! To is just a beautiful time of the year because of all of the "togetherness" even from perfect strangers! Merry merry merry Christmas Morct!