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What a day!!!

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The day started fine, woke late after staying up and watching TMC semis. Didn't have to work today so that was a bonus.

Hubby got me to put a document I'd made with a custom header on his PC. I used my portable flash-stick.

I noticed the windows update icon and clicked to see what needed to be done. It was Service Pack 3 - I installed this on my PC weeks ago,
So I figured I'd go ahead and install the update. It took a while but finally asked to be restarted.

Well, Windows wouldn't even load.

Now I know my way around computers a wee bit but am by no means tech-savvy.

It looked like the only thing that was going to get it running again was a complete system recovery i.e. taking it back to when we first got it. eeeek

Recovery complete - hubby ranting cos he'd lost everything on his PC or so we thought.
He uses his PC to run a home radio station (he's a part time DJ and radio is his first love).
We thought we'd lost all his music - double eeeek.

I re-installed the programme that runs the station and lo and behold the music files were still there - one crisis averted.

I spent the rest of the day re-installing Word, Excel, etc. I had to completely re-do the contacts for his email. Luckily all his live messenger contacts were still there.

But the real problems came when we had to network his two computers, the one that connects to the internet (that 'spat the dummy') and the one that actually runs the radio station.

We ended up ringing his mate in Auckland that set it all up in the first place (please note hubby is less tech-savvy than I am) however I couldn't get it work.

Luckily said mate is hopefully coming home to Christchurch next weekend and will be able to fix it.

I should have just emailed the document to his computer.

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  1. mrjiggyfly2's Avatar
    Cocktails anyone??
  2. morct's Avatar
    OMG!!! I can only imagine his reaction, lol.