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Plea to Nikolay Davydenko

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You have an unbelievable game--a unique style that is, in my opinion, the most entertaining in the game. Watching you take the title in Miami by dismantling Rafa in the final led me to believe that it was going to be a great year for you.
But then you got nervous after going up two sets on Ljubicic at the French. That sucked . Getting nervous doesn't help. take a page out of Rafa's book and try and always be positive and upbeat. I think it will serve you well. You only have a few years left, so forget about nerves--positive and upbeat all the time--OK??

As for not prepping for Wimbledon, what the hell is that??? You made it to the 4th round last year after playing a warmup event prior to it. You needed to build off that experience and use it for 08. Instead, you go play some meaningless clay event and lose to Benjamin Becker at Wimbledon. He sucks and I bet you would have beat him if you had prepared. Your grade for grass court season --- F-

I didn't see the match vs. Mathieu at the Olympics. But I am a little bit surprised about the loss.

Moving on to the Open. You play three matches against players whose game suits your style and get the job done. Against Gilles Muller, a player who has no right to beat you, why did you miss a couple of easy forehands? Was it nerves?? Because he's a guy that you just need to be consistent with and not go for too much. I know that in your post match presser, You said that your game is such that you can beat everyone but you can also lose to everyone. But against the Gilles Muller's of the world with a US Open quarterfinal berth on the line, You Have to Win that Match. Either play a little smarter or find a way to get rid of those nerves. It's too tough for your fans to see you lose matches that you should win.

So please for 2009, get your head out of your ass. Play a lighter schedule. Play a lower risk game vs. the players like Muller where consistency and a good return game are good enough. Play the high risk game when you need to. Find a way to get rid of the nerves. See a sports psychologist if need be. Get positive and upbeat about your game. You still have time to make some history, please seize the opportunity.

Best Wishes from One of Your Biggest Fans,

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  1. Jay's Avatar
    It was a joy watching Davydenko win Miami. He showed what he's capable of. He made me a fan in Miami because of how much fun his game is to watch. But the thing with him is he's just SOOO inconsistent. It's frustrating.
    Updated 09-03-2008 at 02:31 AM by Jay
  2. beaujarkko's Avatar
    Yesterday blew. That is all.
  3. nelslus's Avatar
    My plea for Davydenko and SO many others- Kuz, Petrova, Blake, Robredo, Kiefer/Haas, Wacky Patty (etc., etc.) would go a step further. At LEAST at the Slams- please, PLEASE just go away. They all are liable to go far in the draw at the Slams- and then, get to a later round match, and of course, predictably, SUCK while they lose. Over and over again. Sucks all the joy out of later round matches. It's ultimately truly no fun when you KNOW that at some point in time a player is going to choke, over and over again, and lose. Understandable, of course. 99.99% of us choke in big-pressure situations. It's just REALLY no fun to watch.
  4. Tscott415's Avatar
    Well said Jiggy, and so true. He gets way too nervous and really struggles to put matches together lately. He needs to get it together, and quick.
  5. mmmm8's Avatar
    I just erad an excerpt from an interview in Russian where he says he was really tired from last year and after not performing well at RG and Wimbledon he has "lost interest in tennis" and didn't care to prepare well for the US Open.
  6. mrjiggyfly2's Avatar
    Thanks for the comments guys.
    mmmm8, I had heard that he was really tired. But with only Gilles Muller standing in the way of the quarters. And with several set points. And after hitting the greatest passing shot of all time in the tiebreak. To miss several routine forehands, including an absolute sitter to lose the match...UGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!
    Almagro would have been easier for Kolya. I knew that going in. But Dammit!!!!!!!
  7. mmmm8's Avatar
    Oh, I agree. I guess his claim of not having desire to play explains the loss (along with Muller not going away), as well as the straight sets loss to Mathieu in Beijing.

    My one problem with Davydenko has always been that he seems to care one day and completely not care the next.