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Bad news for them. Good news for me!

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So I recently found out that I have a better chance at making the team this year than I thought. Last year only ONE guy graduated, and I know that we have at least one freshman coming who is amazing (he dominated a pretty good player on our team this summer at an Open tournament something like 1 and 2). I figured that I probably wouldn't have a much of a chance of making the Spring cut, but that I would make it past Fall tryouts and have a fun few months on the team.


It turns out that there are two guys who aren't coming back to Linfield! One is a freshman (would be a sophomore) who is a nice guy, so that's a little sad. The other one is a guy who I like as a person, but I HATE as a team member. He has been academically ineligible a few times before, and he's basically really lazy. I was bitter that he made the team last year because I knew that he would disappoint again.


According to other guys on the team I hung out with this summer (a bunch of us helped with a tennis camp), another guy says he isn't going to play tennis this year. He's another lazy bastard, this one is insanely talented, and he doesn't particularly get along with the coach or want to work hard.


That means that only 10 of the 14 guys from last year will be returning! There's at least one freshman coming who will be on the team, but that still leaves room for two other freshmen AND meeeeeeee! (Unless the coach goes back down to 12 this year, which he had better not.)

So that's really exciting, especially because after barely missing the cut last year (15th! AGH!) and f'ing up my shoulder in April, I thought my tennis glory days would be a long time coming.

So huzzah! Things may be looking up.

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  1. Jay's Avatar
    That's awesome!
    Glad to hear you'll be on the team!
    I know how much you wanted to be on the team and how much it sucked that you had that injury.
    so woot!
  2. Scotty's Avatar
    Gooooooooooooooooo Charlie!
  3. nelslus's Avatar
    Wishing you great luck to make the team, Charlie.
  4. Charlie02123's Avatar
    Aw. Thanks for all your support. I have to say, the three avatars you have at the moment made me burst out laughing. I was like: "these are my supporters?"

    I wouldn't have it any other way! Mwah!
  5. oohsalmon's Avatar
  6. oohsalmon's Avatar
    !!!, I meant...