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Days 6-16 - Summer Training

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It's been a while! Anywhoo.

The tennis has been going pretty well. I've been hitting a good amount. The diet has been up and down. I've been eating a lot of fruit and a lot of "lean cuisine" type things. I recently ate out a lot because my birthday was a few days ago.

The dumb scale says I haven't lost any weight yet. I'm not too worried, though, because I've felt super bloated this last week. It actually says I gained a few pounds, but that my BF% has stayed the same. I suppose that would mean I gained some muscle, which would be good. It's kind of a wonky scale, though (varies quite a bit), so I don't take it too seriously. My dad actually said he thinks it weigh a bit high because he uses a scale at a pharmacy and it weighs him "at least five pounds lighter." That would be nice!

Okay, funny story. This Monday (day... 11) I went out to the courts to use the ball machine. I was out there FOREVER. I got there a little after 1:30 and ended up leaving a little before 5:30, almost four hours! I took plenty of breaks and drank a ton of water, though. I ended with a footwork and conditioning drill. Once I finished I went over to chat with the coach, who was waiting for someone to show up for a lesson. We're talking about how my physical therapy is going, and he's telling me about an old player of his who had a similar injury. Kind of suddenly, I start to get a little dizzy. I'm kind of seeing spots, and my hearing starts fading in and out. I realize I'm more tired than I realized, and think to myself "I should probably sit down." Next thing I know, I'm several steps forward and leaning on the fence. My coach is standing next to me (he had been sitting when I had stumbled to a moment ago) and asks me "have you been drinking water?" I say yes and that I'll see him later, and stumble off. I had fainted for half a second or something! It was nuts. I wasn't exactly sure what had happened, and once I pieced it together I was mortified. Of all the people to do that in front of! *Sigh. The issue was that I hadn't really eaten lunch, and I'm a little hypoglycemic. I had drank a full 64 oz of water during the four hours, so I should have been hydrated (although I do sweat like a beast...). Anyway, embarassing!


Starting tomorrow I am playing my first USTA tournament of the summer!!!!!!!! I am so excited. I would normally play 4.0, but I am serving underhand and can't hit a forehand normally, so I'm playing 3.5. Wish me luck! I will give y'all a full report on what happened either tomorrow or Sunday. I'll play two matches tomorrow, and if I win the second I'll play again on Sunday. There's a first round consolation bracket, so the second match is the one that matter for continuing to play. There's also going to be three guys from the team playing in the open bracket. It'll be nice to see them.

Wish me luck! (Or else ... )

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  1. Scotty's Avatar
    have fun in the tourney, munchin!
  2. Charlie02123's Avatar
    Wrong TATer, Scotty.

    But thanks. I'm about to leave now! AHHHH!