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Day 3- Summer Training

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I finally played tennis! It's been about three months. My shoulder screamed at me a few times, but eventually I figured out how to hit a forehand without grimacing. I basically have to use a lot of wrist and legs. It's nowhere near as good as my normal forehand, but this means I can start playing tournaments again and just drop down a level.

Day 3

Exercise: Dinara helped me workout a little harder today! I rode my stationary bike while watching the final. I ate breakfast during the first set and rode during the second. The last two days I did 15 miles in 40 minutes; today I rode 20 miles in 53 minutes. I would have stopped at 15 if the match had finished quickly, but Dinara held on longer than expected, so I figured I could too. I didn't feel too tired afterwards, but now my legs feel pretty sore. This afternoon, around 4:30ish, I went to the tennis courts (which are annoyingly locked for no reason. I had to jump a fence. ) and hit some easy groundstokes (self feeding). I experimented with the forehand a bit to figure out how to do it without hurting my shoulder. At the end I practiced serving underhand for a while. It's significantly harder than I expected. All together, I was out there for a little over an hour and a half, but I wasn't working too hard.

Food: For breakfast I had two Lean Pockets and some grapes. For lunch I went out with my sister, who was passing through, to Ruby Tuesdays. I didn't eat much. I had a few "Tuesday Tenders," which are like Chicken Strips with a buffalo sauce, and I took my turkey burger home for later. Oh! I had a bunch of Goldfish crackers before we went there, so that's why I wasn't hungry then. For dinner I had hamburgers, which I grilled on my new George Forman Grille. I bought it at a garage sale for ten dollars! So excited. This was the first time I used it and it turned out awesome. I also had some grapes with dinner and drank some V8 juice. I had the burgers on small dinner rolls because I didn't have any buns, and I put pepper and fat free cheese on the meat.

*Please keep the comments coming! They help motivate me. All in all, this blogging thing has been helpful so far. Last night I was about to eat a late night snack and didn't because I knew I would have to include it in my blog and be embarassed.

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  1. Tscott415's Avatar
    keep it up and take things slow on the tennis...coming back from an injury is very hard and you don't want to aggrivate it and have to wait even longer! Keep up the work!
  2. Charlie02123's Avatar
    I am definitely going to be careful with tennis. The main thing is that I can't serve at all for some time (supposedly the entire summer). I have never been a huge fan of serving, but now that I can't do it I am DYING to. Oh well. Such is life.

    It is aggravating, though, because the summer was supposed to be my time to catch up with some people on the team and hopefully, with enough work and match play, see a little bit of playing time. The season isn't until February, so I can focus on fitness now and tennis later, but I just hope I can make it past September tryouts.
  3. mrjiggyfly2's Avatar
    Great George Forman grill purchase!!
  4. Charlie02123's Avatar
    Best ten bucks I ever spent. It's awesome.
  5. mmmm8's Avatar
    Where's Day 4?
  6. Charlie02123's Avatar
    It's up now. I couldn't use the internet last night, so I combined days 4 and 5. Thanks so much for asking! That made me smile.
  7. Snidely's Avatar
    Be careful with that V8 juice - it's got a full day's worth of salt in it.