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Roland Garros, May 28th 2008

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It was very cloudy, and very windy, and very uncertain, but nothing could damper my good mood: I was going to have a full day at Roland.

I left with the boys to take the bus and got there around 10:30. There was this huge queue outside, with just kids, and kids... Wednesday is kids day in France …

We got in and I rushed to court 3 to try and get a glimpse of Fabrice Santoro. He won't be here very long anymore ! We managed to squeeze in and watched the first set. Fabrice was playing very intelligently as usual.

Then we went to have a walk and find our places up there on the North side of the Lenglen. Gilles Simon was being killed by Stepaneck. Oh well …. It wasn't very pretty. So I decided to go see Juanqui.

But we got there to learn that Juanqui had abandoned on a thigh injury !!! Damn.
Okay, lets see, there was Daveed playing. Let's go see him.
He was demolishing Steve Darcis. We got seats in the front. David is as cute as on the pictures, and not a very strong man. He looks almost frail, but very intense. Uhm !!!

I then got a call from my husband that had arrived with my oldest son that had school in the morning. It was one o'clock. We decided to go watch maid Marion while having our sandwiches.
We stayed to see maid Marion getting a beat down by miss Casey Dellacqua. Marion does not move enough. It was not a nice show ! I was starting to wonder if this Suzanne Lenglen court wasn't bad luck for the frenchies !!!! Paulo better make things better !!!

Well, that was a short lived hope ! He wasn't in his game and lost the two first sets against Oscar Hernandez 62 61 !!! Even with all the public and the kids cheering at him. Pfff
So depressing. We decided to have a walk outside and some ice creams. Yummy !!

We got back in the court to see Paulo start to fight again. He managed to survive the third set, and finally started to get his shots in with some energy in them. Hernandez was defending like crazy, but Paulo is a very stuborn guy too !! The whole stadium was behind Paulo, yelling, clapping, the kids started to get hysteric. We did the Hola. Wow.
It was crazy, but the public managed to cary Paulo across the two last sets. Hernandez was cramping and really getting mad at himself. He sent a ball over the stadium walls !!! And got booed by the public. I started to feel real sorry for him. But what the heck, this is Paris and it was Paul-Henri playing. Allez !

He won. What a match. He thanked us at the end, and I think the public really helped him go through this very difficult match.

Anyway, the day was still not over ! It was around eight in the evening, and so we pick nicked on saucisson and camembert with Alize warming up. She played really easy and cool and was leading 6-0 2-0, and then, ... well Gisela started palying better and maybe the "enjeu" got to Alize, and she started playing less focused, and soon she lost the second set ! It was getting late, and the light was low, and we thought the play would be stopped. Both girls wanted to stop, but the referee was adamant and they had to play until 3 all in the third, Alize doing the break, but Gisela breaking back. Finally , at 9:15 PM, game was stopped. We were among the last outside the doors … a very happy family !

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  1. rabbit's Avatar
    Thanks for that, Madame! And Alize managed to close out Gisela today. Hope she plays more hiccup-free in the remaining rounds

    I loved the last photo!
  2. mrjiggyfly2's Avatar
    Tres cool Madame!!
  3. Moose's Avatar
    Thank you Madame. Nothing beats live tennis. Reading your memories of your day at RG makes me even more excited for the upcoming USO.