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Men's day 2

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Garcia-Lopez vs. Roitman
surprised to see that guillermo Garcia-Lopez is only a small favirte vs. Sergio Roitman. I think that Roitman and Benjamin Becker are the two worst players in the top 100.

Seppi vs. Ancic
This one is even money right now. But I would be hard pressed for a reason as to why Seppi isn't a favorite. He's had a better clay season, and, unlike his opponent, he's not coming off a loss to Robby Ginepri

Wawrinka vs. PEHK
I like Stan in a war. I think Stan's stanmina (holy alliteration) will make then difference.

Bolelli vs. Baghdatis
Tough to see Baghdatis beating a solid claycourter in his first match after a long layoff

Tursunov vs. Brands
I've never seen Brands play. But he crushed Massu in qualifying. possible upset??

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  1. beaujarkko's Avatar
    I picked Brands in every bracket I filled out. We'll see if that means anything.