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Who's Up Who's Down Miami Style

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Davydenko and Nadal match hasn't happened yet--they would switch places on this list if Kolya beats him


1. Serena Williams---heavyweight champ looks much better as a heavyweight than a super heavyweight

2. Rafael Nadal--And it's not even his time of year

3. Nikolay Davydenko--Bookies shouldn't be surprised to see money coming in on Davydenko in 08

4. Jelena Jankovic---Featherweight champ is half Serbian half Houdinian

5. Vera Zvonereva---song speaks volumes

6. Thomas Berdych---actually exceeded expectations at a big tournament.

7. Svetlana Kuznetsova---nice rebound from disappointing AO

8. Andy Roddick---nothing to do with a win over Federer, everything to do with locking up Brooklyn Decker for life


1. Nicole Vaidisova---Is she too old for an Amber Alert?

2. Nadia Petrova---let the record speak for itself

3. O. Rochus---the little engine that couldn't

4. David Nalbandian---split personalities?? there must be a reason

5. Maria Kirilenko---Promising AO result followed by terrible month and a half

6. Richard Gasquet---See Peter Bodo Interview

7. Roger Federer---that damn mono

8. PEHK---I heard he misses the crowd support he received at IW.

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  1. GVGirl's Avatar
    Amber Alert...LOL!

    Another great one Jiggy!
  2. mmmm8's Avatar
    Great as always.

    (Poor Oli )
  3. GVGirl's Avatar
    Poor Oli. I love Oli.
  4. hurricanejeanne's Avatar
    I love her but LMAO at Nicole and the Amber Alert.

    Someone, please find her!
  5. Moose's Avatar
    Awesome, Jiggy.

    So who's up for a European vacation? I heaR Monte Carlo can be real nice this time of year. And maybe we can stalk cheer on PEHK while we are there!
  6. Danielle's Avatar
    Great stuff, jiggy! Thankfully I haven't seen that "Nicole Vaidisova - Unstoppable" watch commercial in awhile. Seems even they've realized it's false advertising.

  7. mrjiggyfly2's Avatar
    I'll see all of you at IW 2009
  8. dryrunguy's Avatar
    I've missed these, jiggy! Thanks for bringing it back!
  9. aedra1119's Avatar
    I love it, Mr. J! LOL @ Roddick.
  10. Martini4me's Avatar
    I echo dry. I missed this, and am glad it's back.
  11. snapdragon's Avatar
    Nice blog, mrjiggy. But I was curious about this:

    PEHK---I heard he misses the crowd support he received at IW.
    Is "PEHK" an acronym for a personal nickname you have for Djokovic?