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Men's Up and Down after IW

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1. Novak Djolovic....The Alpha Male

2. Mardy Fish...Which occurs more often?
a. Mardy stringing a few good wins together
b. a leap year

3. Rafael Nadal....His semifinal showing was more impressive than the other losing semifinalist

4. Stanislas Wawrinka...Maybe Stan the Man will be the dominant men's player Switzerland is looking for


1. Roger Federer...Unfortunately, the mononucleosis was only in remission and is now back again (easiest draw of all time!!)

2. Fernando Gonzalez...Last seen looking for his game in the cold case files in Sunrise, Florida

3. Jarkko Nieminen...I'm quite certain that our own beaujarkko had a better time in IW than Jarkko had

4. Michael Llodra...Dr. Jekyll stayed in Europe. Mr Hyde came to the U.S.A.

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  1. GVGirl's Avatar
    Jiggy, this is !!!!!

    You should do this every week!
  2. mmmm8's Avatar

    Thanks for bringing it back!!!
  3. mrjiggyfly2's Avatar
    Thanks guys, I'll go again after Miami. This was a warmup after being out of practice for a while.
  4. patrick's Avatar
    I would have put Llodra as 3 and Nieminen as 4. Other than that, this is a good list.
  5. Moose's Avatar
    Awesome stuff, Mr. Jiggy! Do you think Roddick merited a down, or does he get a one tourney pass due to Dubai?
  6. mrjiggyfly2's Avatar

    Roddick got a pass for Dubai. The high of Dubai outweighed the low of IW.
  7. mrjiggyfly2's Avatar
    patrick is correct about Llodra. It's good to see him in the states. but it's too bad that he left his game in Europe.