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  1. Popular Misconception Essay (ROUGH DRAFT) Pt. 2

    1999 was another impressive year for Kournikova, similar in many ways to her 1998 season. She made it to the final of another tournament, earned victories over top ten players, was forced to miss yet another Grand Slam due to an injury, this time missing the US Open with a stress fracture. But she managed again to qualify for the Year End Championships, finishing the year at #12.
    Kournikova continued to put forth strong results in 2000. Although she did not win any singles titles, she ...
  2. Popular Misconception Essay (ROUGH DRAFT) Pt. 1

    Hallo TAT!

    This is the rough draft of my essay on Anna Kournikova which I am working on for my Argumentative Writing class. It's due Wednesday.

    Any and all feedback would be very much appreciative. Please feel free to speak your minds--don't feel any need to blow sunshine up my ass.

    It's a little on the long side, so I've unfortunately had to split it between two entries.

    If you could, please post comments on the second entry, just to keep ...
  3. Double Szavision?

    After much debate, my partner and I decided to dress in Federerian all-black for our second match. I had no black shoes or sweat socks, so my high black dress socks looked a little odd going into my all-white tennis shoes.

    We (I Feel Prettier) got to the courts before our opponents (The Aces), and hit around a little. When our opponents arrived, I realized that I recognized the girl on their team from last season. She was on the team that won it all, who I was happy to have seen won, ...

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