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  1. rabbit's Avatar
    You have such a great writing was really enjoyable and funny to read!

    I had a similar experience a couple of weeks ago. When I walked out on the court, I imagined myself as Roger...and then I lost, dammit!!
  2. Tscott415's Avatar
    Wow great job, although I would agree with Krutin and Charlie that you should add some more analysis about Anna and her affect on the game and take out some stats.
  3. Charlie02123's Avatar
    I enjoyed this very much. Great work. There are a number of omitted words, but I imagine you can fill those in yourself after reading it out loud. I agree with krutin that you could take out a few stats and add a little bit more analysis of her impact on the game. I think it would be great to add a little bit about Russian tennis players and how they rose to prominence after Anna. Good job!
  4. nelslus's Avatar
    Excellent job, oohsalmon.
  5. Miles's Avatar
    I don't know how old you are and at what academic level you are writing for, but this is a good start. There may be too much listing of Ana's stats in the midsection for the casual reader. A greater analysis of why the tennis establishment took great pleasure in ridiculing her would help. Any other woman's sport would have loved to have Ana as a pinup girl or megastar in residence, yet tennis wound up driving her right out of dodge. Why was it so easy for people to ridicule her? Was it simply because she was blonde and pretty -- and that type has a special place in our society? Was it because she never forcefully took on her critics so it became easier for people to pile on? How was Ana perceived in other tennis countries? Overall, truncate some of the facts and offer greater analysis. It is obvious you have done your research and done is quite well, but spend more time on analysis, and her historical impact. We laughed at her then but just how different would tennis be without her today? Being the first internet sex symbol, she helped shape it (the geeks would wind up inheriting the internet), and she also played a pivotal role in the expansion of this beyond revolutionary technology. If Christina A. and Britney S. are Madonna’s musical spawns, then Ana is Madonna's tennis playing offspring. And like Madonna, Ana's impact cannot be measured in stats (or record sales) alone. She never was the best tennis player in the world, but she was never going to be ignored either. Hope all this helps. You have done a terrific job, it just needs a polish.
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  6. Jay's Avatar
    Love how the essay turned out
    I'll pm you the corrections
  7. beaujarkko's Avatar
    Wouldn't it have been nice to draw me instead? By the way, I honestly and definitely want to play again. Slightly off-topic... Salmon beat me in tennis this past weekend 5-7, 6-3, 6-3. It was fun, even though I lost. I'd deign say the match actually was as close as the scoreline (except for the second set where I don't remember when three games, lol).

    Btw, congrats on the four games against the defending champs!
  8. oohsalmon's Avatar
    Our second set of singles matches are Sunday night, 9:45 EST.

    I have no reason to be nervous, what with all the rest I'm getting the night before...
  9. Ti-Amie's Avatar
    Loved the report Salmon. Please make sure to keep us informed.
    The Western Division is pretty stocked too. Kirkus of course. And then there's Bea. There is also another regular whose name is escaping me right now. I think they're organizing the Tail Gate for IW. Darn it I can't remember the name. Oh well. Someone will.

    Southwest is shtexas of course. He's the only one I know off the top of my head.
  10. beaujarkko's Avatar
    jkfriedman is from lovely MI as well
  11. jjnow's Avatar
    Tons of Michiganders on this board. Jean, beau (and family), salmon, Darcy. There are more that I'm forgetting.

    Then we have our NY chapter: M8, GVG (by way of Jersey I believe), and Ti.

  12. beaujarkko's Avatar
    LOL. I'll buy that. Mamaport is about an hour (-ish) north of you, maybe a little further. Seriously I'd tune in to any livescoring!
  13. oohsalmon's Avatar
    Indeed beau! I've been surprised to see how many people on TAT are from Michigan. I Google Earthed a couple of the places to see where they were, although I couldn't find Mamaport

    There's a lot of tennis love up here, apparently. Maybe the Upper Peninsula is a racquet that the hand is throwing?

    Anywho...I was just thinking how cool it would be if UM IM Tennis did Livescoring
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  14. beaujarkko's Avatar

    I had no idea you went to U of M. I'm like, not even an hour's drive away from there!
  15. aceoftennis87's Avatar
    you're ridiculous.
  16. mmmm8's Avatar
    Thanks and good luck with the rest of the season, Salmon!
  17. jjnow's Avatar
    Awesome job, salmon. Very enjoyable read!
  18. oohsalmon's Avatar
    Thank you all

    There are four teams in our division for regular season (we play three regular season ties), and our next opponent is 1-0. Eek.

    Then again, so are we
  19. Tscott415's Avatar
    Thats really cool good job and a very nice read!
  20. sblanc's Avatar
    Well done the I feel prettier Team.
    Thanks for the indepth report. Its facinating how you seemed to be actully thinking out there on court.
    I just go out there and hit the ball as hard as I can. And end up pretty frustrated sometimes coz I get beat by someone who's kinnda pushing/moonballing me and it makes me want to just hit the ball harder and usually out of the court. Should try some of your tactics sometime.
    Good luck for the rest of the season.
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