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  1. mrjiggyfly2's Avatar
    That is very inspiratinal tinamarie . Good for him and all his family and friends!!!
  2. Danielle's Avatar
    Am just now reading this...what a tremendous story tinamarie! Thanks for sharing it. What a remarkable man your brother is.
  3. mmmm8's Avatar
    Thank you for sharing, tinamarie! Best wishes to him!
  4. Moose's Avatar
    That's a simply outstanding story, tinamarie. Thanks for allowing us to read it. And please extend all of our best wishes to your brother for his incredible spirit.
  5. tinamarie's Avatar
    thank you both so much for your good wishes. I really appreciate them very much.
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  6. nelslus's Avatar
    This all is just so beautiful. God bless your brother, you, and your family and loved ones.
  7. GVGirl's Avatar
    Great blog! My best to your brother!

    We all sometimes take things for granted, this puts things in persective.
  8. jjnow's Avatar
    Awesome report, Tina! You're a natural blogger!

  9. sblanc's Avatar
    Thanks for that Tina. Excellent reporting.
  10. GVGirl's Avatar
    I do know most of the "Netheads" in the picture. For more details They are a fun bunch.
  11. tinamarie's Avatar
    Thank you all very much! I am happy you enjoyed reading my blog.
    @GVGirl: You know the American fans in the picture? wow, it is such a small world I thought their "heads" were very funny, but had no idea it was the sign of a particular fan group. "NetHead"... nice.
  12. oohsalmon's Avatar
    This is truly awesome, Tina! I really like reports from matches
  13. mmmm8's Avatar
    Great post indeed, Tina!

    Love the black hair
  14. GVGirl's Avatar
    Great post! Thanks for your picture with my NetHead pals!
  15. jjnow's Avatar
    Great entry, Tina!

    And yes, the pinball anthem totally rocks.

  16. mmmm8's Avatar
    LoL, Salmon!
  17. oohsalmon's Avatar
    Seriously, mmmm8! I hated pinball until I played with the sound on once, and loved it. I did so well that time, getting 2.3 mil before stopping (I stopped at that number in honor of the newly arrived Mr. Beckham)

    This was awesome, Tinamarie! Welcome to the TAT blogosphere!
  18. mmmm8's Avatar
    Very nice, Tinamarie!

    Attending a big important soccer match is on my to do list. I really love watching soccer, but just have never made it to a "higher echelon" match.

    I also really love soccer anthems. That's why I like the pinball game in the arcade so much
  19. GVGirl's Avatar
    Great entry!