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    I enjoyed your discussion as always. Sort of on the same theme: I think we all have certain commentators who annoy us more than others. For me, one of those is Tracy Austin. She seems to change her assessment of the relative skill of any player based on every shot. The player hits a cross-court forehand winner, even if the previous 4 attempts were all wide. Comment: "She has really been working on her ground-strokes and it's starting to show." Same player then misses a backhand volley. Comment: "She really needs to work on her skills at the net." Over the course of 5 minutes, the player can be said to be well on her way to perfect tennis one minute, and needing to improve her fitness, her strokes, and everything else the next minute.

    Just had to rant in response to your better-thought-out rant.

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    Good job on this as always, Ponchi. I find it totally disgusting HOW frequently one sees Confederate flags in Georgia, but also in other states. For instance, to me it makes no sense that the state in which I seem to see the highest density of them is West Virginia, a state that exists solely because, 150 years ago, the residents believed so strongly in the things that the Union stood for that they left Virginia to be a separate state. Now a clear majority of the residents seem to want the Confederacy back.

    Back to Georgia.....I was genuinely concerned about spending a couple of weeks camping in the woods in Georgia when I first did the Appalachian Trail. But then I disappeared into the Trail environment, and I had so little to do with the actual Georgians that I really had nothing either good or bad to say about them from that experience. I simply didn't see them. So I've done that part of the Trail several times since then, and that has always been my experience.

    Yes, there is such a thing as Southern hospitality. But all of the bad things you mention are there in such quantity that it remains a place I wouldn't recommend to, those who live in parts of Atlanta or in Athens, or parts of Savannah, can step up and say how wonderfully well it is working there for them. But most of that state remains as you have pictured it in your blog.

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    Ponchi.......well-written and well-thought out, as always. I enjoyed reading this!!! GH
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    Ponchi, Many thanks for this, also. What a mess this has all become, and you are so right that the world is taking far too little notice.

    I could have mentioned this to you in a private message, but I don't think so: In one of my Spanish classes, we read a very short essay by Claudia Larraguibel entitled, "Al amigo que se quedó". (Not for you, but for English speakers, a good translation would be "To the friend who stayed behind") Though short, this essay was incredibly powerful. It was written by a woman who was one of a close group of 6 friends, all but one of whom had become part of the far-flung Diaspora of Venezuelans. She had met this friend in Lima, and their discussion had been heartbreaking, for her, and for us the readers. I would recommend this short essay to anyone with interest in this subject. It really says so many of the same things you said above. I found her and your essays to be very informative and touching.

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    Ponchi, I often forget to check for your blogs, and hadn't read this one yet. This was very nicely stated. A couple of decades ago, I, with my keen interest in history, did a ton of reading concurrently about 2 subjects: the Holocaust, and the reasons for World War I. Out of reading about both of these subjects, the Treaty of Versailles became an important subject for my reading. I came to several conclusions (none of which are particularly original or earth-shattering). One of these was that World War II almost certainly would not have occurred, at least in the form that it did, if the Treaty of Versailles had been fairer to Germany.

    And I also came to a conclusion that I am almost sure you and I disagreed on at another point in time: If a large coalition of western nations had boycotted the Berlin Olympics, WWII may have been avoided. At the very least, it would have been, again, a very different war. I still believe this, though I also understand why people disagree. The disagreement easily stems from the possibility that the avalanche was too far down the mountain by 1936 to have been stopped.

    Nonetheless......another thing on which you are SO right above is this sentence: "And the mistake that the West is making is to believe that such a man can be brought back to his senses by talk and dialogue." Surely history has shown us how right you are on this.

    Thanks for your thoughts, as always. GH
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    I am so sorry .... Thank you for sharing
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    Aww, ponchi. My heart is breaking for you.

    Words just can't convey...
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    I always forget to read the blogs. My sincerest condolences to you and your whole family.
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    I am just now seeing this, ponchi. I've been sitting here for about 5 minutes trying to figure out what else to say. I appreciate your rawness here. And I can relate. It is one thing to visit someone in hospice. It is completely another to live through the end of what hospice inevitably means and to be one of those left behind. A piece of you dies there, too. And I think that's okay because in its own way the part of us that dies, too, is powerful reality of our respect for the one who left.

    I will be thinking of you and yours in the days, weeks, and months ahead. Thank you for sharing this with your TAT family.

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    What a difficult thing to share. My condolences to you and your family.
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    Numbers updated after the 2017 US Open.
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    But Ponchi you have been to Sarawak! How many of us have been office drones all of our lives in order to pay bills and keep a roof over our heads and never experience what you have? I know you will reject the words but you have been blessed to live a life of wonder few have and when the walls of the cubicle begin to close in remember "Amy" and smile.
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    Nice post but still salty about what happened with the US Open draw once Murray withdrew huh?

    I keep reading about Rafa not playing one of the "Big Four" on his way to the championship. Here is who Federer played on his way to winning Wimbledon:

    Mischa Zverev
    Grigor Dimitrov

    Cilic can be counted as one of Federer's pigeons if memory serves me right.

    I'm not so sure Dopa was such a draw. You have a captive audience for the first night but after that all of the outer courts were seeing huge attendance while Ashe, as per usual, was pretty empty. I think they were protecting her more than anything else. If she had played on the Grandstand or Court 17, which as an unseeded player she should've, she'd have been exposed to real fan reaction. Also because they did that for her every top seed played on Ashe denying fans their usual glimpse of a top player.

    I can't say enough about the appeal of Denis Shapovalov. They were literally hanging off the rafters to see him when he was o Court 7. Shutting him up in Ashe after that wasn't fair to him or fans. While they were hanging from the rafters on Court 7 the Grandstand was practically empty.

    I have another question for you, one you could maybe expand into a blog post. I notice so many of the youngsters coming up are using Yonex racquets. What does that mean for the style of tennis we're going to see going forward?
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    On a 3rd forum I am on - there is a guy who is a bit of a rabble rouser. He is respectful of other's opinions - but his opinions are OUT there. Most firmly disagree with him - and he is passionate and would not back down. People asked for his banning because of it, but the moderators let it go because he was not mean-spirited about it. Come to find out he had "an event" this past weekend and died almost instantaneously. Amazing how people's opinions change quickly, despite never having met him in person.
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    I am on another forum where we had a "run" last year and lost 3 people. 2 were active posters even up to the week of their passing.

    I myself had not met any of them, nor did I really interact with them on the forum. I know it was tough for some who interacted with them frequently. Because they are not just "deleted" it is jarring to see posts from them in old threads that are bumped.

    Sidebar, I recently was trying to find a subject matter expert on something. I knew OF him, and some of his online postings in a multitude of forums. I was searching trying to get contact information from him. I decided to search one last thing and was surprised to find his obituary as a link. Without finding that I would have reached out simply because everything else was still up there.
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    DD would sense things because of the being blind thing.

    I just started S2 of Daredevil so I haven't met Punisher yet.

    Otherwise - keep us informed.

    JJ did look like she was always in need of a bath though...
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    Always enjoy your musings - love the description of the origin of your book.
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    I agree the histrionics are not so similar. But the foul body language is strikingly similar.
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    I'm going to have to find some of those old Rios matches. I don't remember the histrionics but I do remember how much I liked his game.

    We're going to have to agree to disagree about NK for now.
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    Why am I just seeing this? At least you still have the memories, and I hope lots of pictures of non government buildings.
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