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  1. Stop The World

    Ten years ago I received a phone call on a Tuesday morning. It was a contact of mine who, rather abruptly (time was of essence indeed in this matter), wanted to know if I could be in Malaysia by Thursday. I asked if by any chance he had Google Earth on his computer as I was in South America and by simple time differences it was already Wednesday in Kuala Lumpur, but following instructions I rushed to my friendly travel agent to find out. I could make it to KL by Friday, but only if I left that ...

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  2. Logbook to a resentment (part I)

    For a man that prides himself of having a minimum understanding of the size and magnitude of the universe, being led to insignificance is not something that is hard to achieve. We all know the data and the figures: if one were to compare the entire universe to a single beach, the solar system would not even be a grain of sand. Earth would be impossible to find. And a human being, any human being, would be nothing more than bacteria floating in the air. The scales of time are equally impressive. ...
  3. On worrying

    The routine is well established by now: wake up and power up the laptop, read some news and catch up with sports scores (one never really grows up). But then the inevitable has to be done: check the mail and see if some miracle has happened.
    In order to make it softer, I check the family and friends mail first. A few years ago I decided that the mail account I had, opened at the very beginning of the internet boom, had a rather silly and infantile ring to it. It was perhaps costing me some ...