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  1. Log book to the end of civilization. End

    I write this last entry from the comfort of home. It has been a few days since I arrived from Kurdistan, and I haven’t thought about it during this time. But now I must.
    Kurdistan remains a mystery to me. Due to all the security concerns we had while in the area I can’t say that I got to know it. We were locked in a bit too much, so what I end up with is not what I knew, but rather what I felt.
    Hardship can make you stronger, if you make it through it. I say may because I am not a ...
  2. Log book to the end of civilization. III

    You know you have changed time zones and civilizations when the stewardess offers you, instead of the usual “Chicken or Pasta”, the local delicacies. In this plane you are offered “Mutton or Pasta”, and it is up to you to decide if you feel adventurous enough to go for the ruminant. It is not that RJA does not have an elaborate menu; they do, and there is chicken, but the usual Euro-American flavors are absent from La Carte. The mutton is on a mint and olives sauce, and there is Basmati rice, so ...