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  1. Logbook to the middle ages. I

    For the last year I have been, once again, subject to the almost unbearable torture of not existing to the world. I have been continuously, exclusively, maniacally looking for a job that has not come through. The experience is not a pleasurable one and it affects you in ways that are hard to describe.
    One of them is the constant worry about finances. If I may detour, one thing that I hate is what people call “popular knowledge” and its offspring, its sayings. One of them in Spanish states ...

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  2. Log book to the end of civilization. XXII

    I get fed up with life in camp and I get an excuse to leave for one day. Destination: Kalar, the city where the whole visa issue was done.
    We travel early in the morning and get there in time to do what we have come for, and then have some time off. So we decide to hit the market.
    You have never been shopping unless you have been in an Arabic Souq (market). The one in Kalar does not disappoint. It is small, crowded, with waters from who- knows- where flowing through it. It is, like ...
  3. Log book to the end of civilization. XXI

    The clouds arrive.
    We wake up one morning to a steady drizzle which gently banged overnight on the metal roofs of the containers where we live. The camp is beginning to flood and we can tell that the roads are going to be dangerous and slippery. We wait until sunrise and then decide to call it a day. We can’t risk an accident and all of our work is done off road, where the conditions will be more treacherous. We can’t risk it.
    We know this means that any projected End of Job date is ...
  4. Log book to the end of civilization. XIX

    One thing that I still cannot get used to after all my travels to the Middle East is Arab music. It simply sounds too monotonous and the vocals are always too shriek-like for my taste. It has nothing to do with the fact that I do not understand the language (I actually like the way Arab sounds), it has to do with the chords and high pitch of the voices.
    Here in Kurdistan the thing becomes even more complicated because the Kurds did not invent any musical instruments worth listening to. So ...
  5. Log book to the end of civilization. XVIII

    With the quality of the roads around here the vehicle of choice is, of course, the pickup truck. The potholes and the need to swerve around ditches and related makes it difficult for any other kind of car to be of any use around here. But then there are pickup trucks and there are other kinds of pickup trucks.
    The choice ones are those made in Japan. We have all the brands possible, and they are the pride of the owner. In these areas, like in most parts of the world, many a man is judged ...
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