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    I was thinking more along the lines of Colombia. The number of people hurting is not trivial. And of course, Colombia does not have the social safety nets of, for example, Norway.
    All the points that you mention are valid, of course.
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    Contrasted with poorer countries, even the poor in North America live lives of comparative luxury.

    We must not only think of the suffering of people in rich countries whose jobs are being threatened because people are buying less due to the virus circumstance. There is much suffering involved in the making and manufacture of the items you urge people to purchase. More and more, cheap labour is being used to make items - because paying the workers little money allows the company to make more profit, of course.
    Cheap labour is synonymous with exploitation and poor and abusive working conditions, in addition to the unfair pay. The more items people purchase, the more items that must be made to replace the purchased items... and the more suffering there is among the people who perform the cheap labour.

    To me, this is a more important consideration than people in comparatively rich countries potentially losing their jobs - because the people in the poor countries which are exploited for their cheap labour have far less opportunities to pick themselves up from the ground than do those in the rich countries.
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    I can't "like" your post because there are no buttons here. Bu I really like it.
    I was not aware of the NUCLEAR OPTION event. As you say, terrible indeed. Plus the precedent was then set.
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    I am going to disagree, but focus on the narrow issue of the Canadian Government not allowing Anne Coulter to enter Canada to give a speech. The problem with being Intolerant of Intolerance is that Intolerance, like Beauty, is in the eye of the beholder (your slippery slope). I am less concerned about individuals not tolerating Intolerance, I am concern about how Not Tolerating Intolerance gets enforced. That is, allowing a government to decide what ideas can be tolerated and what ideas can not be tolerated. This is especially a problem in democracies. Granting the government new powers can have unexpected consequences.

    Here is an example from recent American history. Until recently, it took 60 percent of the US Senators voting in favor to elect someone to the Supreme Court. However, Harry Reid created the 'nuclear option' by allowing a simple majority to vote to change the rule from 60 percent to a simple majority. When the republicans took control of the Senate, they used this precedent to elect Brett Cavanaugh to the Supreme Court. While I am quite sure that Harry Reid's intent was not to get Brett Cavanaugh elected to the Supreme Court, getting Brett Cavanaugh elected to the Supreme Court is one of the consequences of Harry Reid's action.

    In a democracy, you need to remember that any power you give yourself, you also give to your opponents should they win an election. From this point of view, the Canadian governments action is a bad precedent.
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    Ponchi, As always, well-thought and well-written!! GH
  6. GlennHarman's Avatar
    Wow.....a wonderful last post in this series. I'm going to miss these. I hope you'll do 5 photos from your next adventure as well!!! GH
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    great photo
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    That is a totally fascinating photo!!! I enjoyed your discussion of how it might have come to be there. GH
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    Thanks again for this blog. I hope Drop will comment. GH
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    Duh.....It is now obvious that we will get one episode of this blog with each photo. I don't know why that wasn't obvious to me with the first one. Keep them coming. This is great fun. GH
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    Very always with your blogs, I could almost feel, smell, and see the place while reading your colorful language. Only one problem: the title says "Five photos" but I only seem to be able to get the one of the inside of La Morada. Is there something I'm doing wrong?

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    As I said in a personal note to Ponchi, I have loved every one of these blogs from Albania....I don't think I've ever loved anything on TAT more. Poncho made this place come alive with his wonderfully picturesque language. I've always had a desire to see this place that spent most of the last half of the 20th century isolated from the world. But these blogs have made it much more likely that I will really make the effort to do so. Poncho, thanks a bunch for these notes. And please keep writing. You do it so very well. GH
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    I think I'd like it as well. It seems to me Albania was closer to Marriot than you usually get in your work assignments.
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    Yes. I really liked it. I said it before. If you are not the kind that needs a Marriot or cheesy English coffee shop, Albania will be fun.
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    You had a great time, I see.
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    Thanks for this blog also.....And Suliso's question was very helpful. GH
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    Albania is the 10th largest oil producer in Europe. They have a bit.
    Plus, they are in a great neighborhood for that. Zero of anything anywhere near.
  18. suliso's Avatar
    What are you actually prospecting for? Is it gas or oil? I hadn't previously heard of either in Albania...
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    You have a real gift for painting a picture with your words.....I felt like I was there just now. GH
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    No. You are not outdated. Just a crazy Latvian.
    (I do play board games with my nephews. Just a crazy Vennie).
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