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    Well said - like you, I've never been a big fan of Roddick or his tennis game, but I found myself rooting for him by the 4th set and know how difficult it must have been for him to maintain composure after such a tough loss on the grandest tennis stage. I can only hope he has another opportunity to win Wimby.
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    Ponchi, you've put in words many of my thoughts. Andy has had a great attitude that commands respect. You have my admiration too mr Roddick.
  3. Scotty's Avatar
    lovely blog. Andy DOES have something about him, doesn't he?
  4. Kirkus's Avatar
    Thank you!
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    You bring up some excellent points. And, I must emphasize how much I enjoy Andy's terrific sense of humor, and his great timing. So, ya had me with a lot of this blog. And, THEN....(well- see my blog for more....)
  6. munchin's Avatar
    So well said, ponchi
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    That picture of Tommie Smith and John Carlos was exactly what I had in mind when I said "Athletes of the 60's". Thanks, Moose.
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    Love ya, Ana. But sadly, you have a lot to learn.

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    Grat blog Ponchi! Many athletes grow up knowing that they are deemed as "special" so they focus more on helping themselves and not getting involved in the world at-large.

    I don't excpect players to be all that political, but you can bet that I won't support or buy some athlete's clothing or equipment or anything else that they endorse if their stance differs from mine which is probably a main reason why they stay out of politics in the first place.

    I would like to know what players are really thinking and would love to hear them speak out, but the only real issue that they really care about is the face that stares back at them in the mirror.

    Politics in sports is here to say...forever.
  10. tinamarie's Avatar
    Great blog, ponchi! I wholeheartedly agree with your second to last paragraph: I dont expect athletes to be political activists, but if injustice is done to one of their peers, I expect them to speak up- just as I would except anyone- including myself of course- to speak up for their peers.
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