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  1. On Violence

    Violence, the saying goes, is the language of those that are not right. The saying is completely correct in that, if you are not wrong, you do not need to recourse to violence. The strength of your actions and statements are enough.
    Or would be if the saying would go on and expand a bit more. Because violence may be the language of those that are not right but violence is very effective. It is a universal language, easily understood by everybody ever since in that apocryphal scene in 2001 ...

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  2. On The Golden Era

    Steve Kerr, the coach for the formidable Golden State Warriors, recently laid to rest the questions about old time teams beating the current ones. Although his answer was related to basketball, it simply applies to all sports. Kerr used a charming and sophisticated dose of sarcasm when he stated that the teams of the past would crush the current teams. Paraphrasing, he jokingly stated that in sports, as opposed to other aspects of real life, evolution works backwards; athletes become slower, weaker, ...

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  3. On Cyber Dying

    A few days ago I woke up to turn on my mail and check what had happened while the world turned under my feet and found myself with a rather unusual mail. Or rather, unexpected. It was not that the news was unreal or exceptional, because it was not.
    A friend was contacting me to inform me that a common acquaintance had died recently. The mail was brief and to the point; the friend informing me of the event is not used to euphemisms or beating around the bush. It was direct and simply said: ...
  4. Logbook to a resentment (End)

    A month of Mondays goes by, every day identical to the previous one, exactly as the one to follow. But one day one particular Monday arrives and it is time to leave. I hate farewells because there have been so many in my live that they have taken their toll. So I bid goodbye to just a few people and get on a truck that will take me back to the big city and I get done with it.
    But as I drive away I decide that that is not a proper way. The truck has a two way radio and I know that all the ...
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  5. Logbook to a resentment (part XI)

    It is easy to understand where magical thinking and witchcraft came from when you see a moon rise in a place like the heartland of Bolivia.
    Picture yourself 10,000 years ago, all ignorant and always in danger of being eaten by some much more athletic mammal. As night fell, there in the horizon a tenuous light would start to glow. Slowly the shadows in that side of the celestial vault would yield to a pale light which would grow larger until this majestic rock would appear. You could see it ...
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