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  1. suliso's Avatar
    You are a pessimist, ponchi

    World is a much better place than it was 50 years ago. In most people, albeit not including those poor souls in North Korea...
  2. ponchi101's Avatar
    No, I haven't. But Skinner mentions them (specially Disposable People). Guess it is time to put them in the Shopping Cart.
  3. Moose's Avatar
    Have you read anything by Kevin Bales, Ponchi - "Disposable People" and "To Plead Our Own Cause" are outstanding on this topic. You'll think twice before your next chocolate bar.
  4. padmore's Avatar
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  5. Charlie02123's Avatar
    V-Day Mad Libs! I love it.
  6. Charlie02123's Avatar
    Oh my gosh! I just saw this. HP and Parallel Parking is hilarious. The rest of them make me wonder about you.
  7. missinandre's Avatar
    Ooooooooo! A peice of ponchii I love!! Funny ponchii, I've never considered poverty as "theoretical".
  8. James7's Avatar
    Ponchi... have you ever considered trying to publish a collection of any kind?

    You have a real talent for evoking thought and emotion.
  9. James7's Avatar
    Fun read.
  10. atlpam's Avatar
    Thanks for the laugh (at least you got your haircut at a "Saloon")
  11. beaujarkko's Avatar
    Loved reading about this (and though I have not seen it, I am sure I'd feel exactly the same way as you about Eat, Pray, Love), but I do have to very respectfully disagree with you on Amélie, which not only happens to be among my favorite films, but also ranks pretty high on the imagination and cinematography front (at least for me).
  12. shtexas's Avatar
    I am just getting to this. The part about your Mom made me cry.
  13. rabbit's Avatar
    Thanks, ponchi! I also liked this: "Game, Set, Rubber, Tie, the Son of the Fish." Hope Giraldo or Falla can be a DC hero for once at least...
  14. Scotty's Avatar
    great read! I particularly liked this bit:

    But we should totally include the word PANDEMONIUM as a fixture in tennis, because it would easily translate into “the man was dead five minutes ago and yet now he walks!”
  15. Ti-Amie's Avatar
    Thank you for this Ponchi.
  16. patrick's Avatar
    Thanks for the report on USA and Colombia.
  17. Ti-Amie's Avatar
    Love the report. Look forward to your review of Sunday.
  18. dryrunguy's Avatar
    I want to react to the emotional part of this. But the writer in me is too busy screaming, "Try to get this published!"
  19. manolo's Avatar
    Love your posts, ponchi.
    It feels hard to leave when you first decide to do it, and when you're as close to your family as you seem to be. This made me think of the things that I felt when I decided to leave my country, more than seven years ago now. I don't remember it being that hard, but that feeling of not belonging to it anymore, or the country not being able to offer me what I wanted, was definitely there already.
    What I can say is that it is not that bad to be "a man with no country" -even if that happened to be actually true-: one just becomes more multi-dimensional. But whether we like it or not, we always carry something of the country where we grew inside of us. I feel as much negative things about my country as you do, and I get into interminable fights with fellow Colombians that for some reason still think that it is the best place in the world, which I know it's not. But it is still one country I relate to. And when people that you love are still there, well, you still have a bond with it.
    You are a rational and smart person, from what I know, and I'm sure it is the best decision, even if it hurts. So good luck in this next step.

    BTW: which of the countries next door are you moving to?
    Updated 09-16-2010 at 03:06 AM by manolo
  20. morct's Avatar
    I wish you all the best in your new life Ponchi.
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