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  1. Log book to the end of civilization. VII

    Kurdistan, as a country, has never existed. As can be easily guessed, the suffix STAN simply means “Land of The”, preceded by the denomination of a tribe, clan or mafia group. Kurdistan is therefore a loose collection of areas spread between four countries, where the Kurds have a physical presence, but in reality none of this is really theirs.
    To the north you have Turkish Kurdistan, where a bunch of maladapted (allow me some racism, for just a while) people fall under the democratic claws ...
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  2. Log book to the end of civilization. IV

    I finally arrived to the Amman airport, the gate to Jordan. It is one of those magnificent Middle East buildings, reeking opulence and elegance. It was probably designed by a British company, built by the Germans and operated by the Dutch, but there is one thing that has to be said about Arabs in general: they do know how to pay for these things, indeed.
    I wait there for about two hours, walking through the duty free zone as I kill the time. It is filled with expensive alcoholic beverages ...

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  3. Log book to the end of civilization. II

    Avianca does a reasonable good job taking me to Barajas International, Madrid’s main airport. I land there jet lagged already and feeling tired after a full night of flying, but now I have to deal with the screw up that MY company made.
    Avianca is a member of Star Alliance while Royal Jordanian Airways, my next carrier, belongs to ONE WORLD. Because of this, Avianca was unable to route my luggage all the way to my final destination, much less issue my boarding passes. Therefore, when I land ...
  4. Log book to the end of civilization. I

    My last work destinations have been mundane to the point of tediousness. Colombia, Argentina, Uruguay and Bolivia have, for me, all the exoticness of a farm grown banana, and are as bland too. You can even switch the initials of the names to spell the name of that silly island there in the middle of the Caribbean, mediocre and terribly sad, so, not even some sort of playful arrangement can salvage the boredom. These places have been financially rewarding, but little else.
    All that changes ...
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