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  1. Strange Movie Scripts That Never Made It

    1. The Fiddler on the hot tin roof: An ex-football player not only beliefs his wife is being unfaithful to him, he suspects his rival is a Jewish Orthodox Rabbi. Damn!
    2. The Deep Blue Lagoon: Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins are left adrift in a far away island, and engage in a torrid, passionate chess match.
    3. The Queer Hunter: two friends from Pennsylvania join the Army and go to Vietnam, where they fulfill their secret fantasy of prowling transvestites.
    4. Nosfellatio: ...
  2. The athlete as a non-ethical entity

    “I wish they would leave politics out of sports”. Ana Ivanovic.

    Arthur C. Clarke once wrote that politics was the realm of the second rated mind. It was in a bit of jest, for certainly Clarke knew what De Gaulle said: “Politics is too serious a matter to leave it to politicians”. In a world every day more complex, to request that people would leave politics out of sports is unthinkable, especially since politics and sports have a long tradition of going hand in hand (or better yet, ...

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