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  1. Novak Djokovic and the legendary Achilles

    The greatest mythological hero of the ancient Greeks was Achilles, the greatest warrior in the Greek army and the son of the great King Peleus (himself not too shabby when it came to matters of the sword) and the sea nymph Thetis. Achilles was the handsomest, bravest and most skilled of all Greek warriors, attributes enhanced by the tiny detail that his mother dipped him in the River Styx, which made him invulnerable except for that infamous heel (one thing about Greek mythology, it makes no sense. ...
  2. On worrying

    The routine is well established by now: wake up and power up the laptop, read some news and catch up with sports scores (one never really grows up). But then the inevitable has to be done: check the mail and see if some miracle has happened.
    In order to make it softer, I check the family and friends mail first. A few years ago I decided that the mail account I had, opened at the very beginning of the internet boom, had a rather silly and infantile ring to it. It was perhaps costing me some ...
  3. The Summer of Nick Kyrgios

    The summer, North American portion of the ATP tour really started with the playing of the Rogers Cup in Canada. Although a few smaller tournaments are played prior to this Masters 1000, the Rogers cup brings out of their short Post Wimbledon sabbatical the top names. Montreal saw the return of Novak Djokovic to action, and the return of Rafa Nadal to hard courts. At Cincinnati, Roger Federer joined the tour once more and it all ended, in splendorous fashion, with Djokovic winning the U.S. Open. ...
  4. Palmyra, a memory

    During the winter of 2006-2007, I hit the labor trifecta and was stationed in Syria, at the time a peaceful country where a savage ruler made sure nothing out of the ordinary would happen. Praising a dictator is not in my blood but in those days Syria was, for those not interested in politics, a better place to be than most other Arab destinations. Damascus, the oldest, continuously inhabited city in the world (Syrians claimed) was a beautiful place where to get lost on an afternoon, walking up ...

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  5. Wish You Were Here - 40 years later

    In 1975 Pink Floyd released WISH YOU WERE HERE, the much anticipated follow up to its massive-selling DARK SIDE OF THE MOON. After the success of DSOTM the band and, especially, Roger Waters (who for all purposes was the creator of almost everything in the DSOTM universe) were under tremendous pressure to release something of at least comparable quality, if not better. It remains for aficionados to determine which album is better but the general consensus is that, while DSOTM is still Floyd’s masterpiece, ...

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