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  1. Logbook to a resentment (part III)

    So how do I feel about going back to work? I know that I should feel a certain level of gratitude and I do. And I should also feel a certain level of relief, and I do. And I should be happy to a certain degree and I am, but what I really feel is anger. Not that deep inside, bubbling just a couple of layers under the skin, what I am is pissed off. Not only because of the length of the joke but also because at the end of this long stretch of idleness, of all the places where I get sent to, I get sent ...
  2. Logbook to a resentment (part II)

    But of course, the joke is not on me. To think that the universe would actually give a flying **** about you is the opposite of what I have described above. It is the same logic as those people that believe that God actually cares about them downloading 5 million protozoan squiggly things on a hanky after 5 minutes of self-eroticism, so to think that such is the case is ridiculous.
    No. The joke is on 500,000 people all around the world, roughly the number of workers that have been dumped ...
  3. Logbook to a resentment (part I)

    For a man that prides himself of having a minimum understanding of the size and magnitude of the universe, being led to insignificance is not something that is hard to achieve. We all know the data and the figures: if one were to compare the entire universe to a single beach, the solar system would not even be a grain of sand. Earth would be impossible to find. And a human being, any human being, would be nothing more than bacteria floating in the air. The scales of time are equally impressive. ...
  4. The Superheroes Group Therapy Session (Fiction. Part 2)

    “You have to kill them” a voice says. Again, DD jumps from his chair, Spiderman zaps up his thread and Batman tries to jump too, but because Diana is sitting on his cape, he falls flat on his butt. From the floor he takes out a batgun, and shoots at the voice, but Superman stops the bullet.
    The six of them stand up and from the shadows, the Punisher comes towards them.
    “It’s no good to beat them up. You have to kill them” he repeats. He takes one more step towards the group. “Hey, ...
  5. The Superheroes Group Therapy Session (Fiction. Part 1)

    Jessica Jones arrives to the deserted warehouse in the middle of the night. She has to strain her eyes to be able to find the door. It is old and the hinges have rusted, so only somebody with super strength could open it.
    She takes a swig from the bottle of booze she has inside a paper bag, and opens the heavy door. The hallway is dark and long, and she can barely see a light at the end.
    “These assholes and their supervision crap” she utters under her breath, and takes another sip ...
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