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  1. missinandre's Avatar
    I love this christmas blog! Our traditions are a bit smaller. The biggest tradition is we all help put up the christmas tree, so that it contains bits and peices of all of us. My husband and I light up the yard together (I hang garland and red ribbons on the fence and he does the lighting ) And my kids of course, love it when I take out the Christmas CDs! To is just a beautiful time of the year because of all of the "togetherness" even from perfect strangers! Merry merry merry Christmas Morct!
  2. Moose's Avatar
    Awesome Morct! Hope everyone takes advantage of your starting this to share some holiday tradtions from theri family, their country or their faith.

    I'll be hanging lights around the outside of my house this afternoon (usually would do it on Saturday, but they are calling for rain, and it is a balmy 50 here today). And I have a train set that I have had since I was a kid that will get set up this weekend also.
  3. GVGirl's Avatar
    Countdown to Christmas!

    We will be putting up our tree this weekend. Since my RafaBoy is now 4 he'll understand Christmas even more this year. He loves the tree. The lighting of the Roc Center Christmas tree is this week.