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  1. Irena2's Avatar
    Nice to be back, thank you for all you do!
  2. Kirkus's Avatar
    It does, huh? I'm kind of excited about it.

    I don't have any wiki-volunteers yet, though.
  3. JTContinental's Avatar
    The tennis wiki sounds very cool.
  4. patrick's Avatar
    Can not wait for the new website whenever it is completed as time allows. Overall, thank you for starting TAT 6 years ago. Even though I was not here at the beginning, I still see some of the growth that has happened at TAT besides TATi.
  5. ponchi101's Avatar
    I think you guys are well aware that for us members TAT gives WAY more than you take. After three years around here, it is always a bright spot of my cyber-day. Which I guess means I only want to thank all of those that put such an effort.
    Now, if only I could only win an SP....
  6. mmmm8's Avatar
    Thanks for the shoutout, Kirk
  7. Danielle's Avatar
    Five years and goin' strong!! Thanks for all you do, Kirkus. And to every member for making this such a fantastic place to be.

  8. GVGirl's Avatar
    Perhaps we should wear "5" t-shirts at the US Open Tailgate which takes place September 5th in honor of TAT's birthday! TAT and my RafaBoy are the same age.
  9. bea26's Avatar
    Any chance of a history of TAT? To present?
  10. mrjiggyfly2's Avatar
    Big 10-4 Captain K
  11. Madame's Avatar
    There is something special in TAT. I've tried to express in different places, but I keep on digging deeper. I think I'm beginning to put a finger on it. TAT is great because it is running swell and every one puts a bit of himself, and Kirkus puts a lot.

    But the thing that makes TAT so special is its group of people from whom is perspiring something really great, looks like love from here.

  12. Moose's Avatar
    No post could ever express our collective mutual admiration for your efforts, and love for you and what you created here, Kirkus. TAT, and you, ROCK!
  13. Jack's Avatar
    Thanks for all the work you do to support our community!
  14. Ti-Amie's Avatar
    I love the RG color scheme. I had the AO one up until the RG one came out.
  15. beaujarkko's Avatar
    I love the way my TaT page looks for RG... I'm never going to change it before Wimbledon
  16. munchin's Avatar
    BIIGGG fan of the Grand Slam color themes. Thanks a bunch, Kirkus.
  17. Scotty's Avatar
    exciting stuff coming up!
  18. GVGirl's Avatar
    Whoo hoo! Thanks Kirkus.
  19. Ti-Amie's Avatar
    I'm really excited about TAT becoming a content provider for ATP Masters Series TV.
  20. Jay's Avatar
    Oh, I'm sure there definitely will be blogs and stuff, GVG!

    And that's awesome news, Kirkus!
    Love these "TAT news" blogs

    Glad to hear that ATP Masters TV wants to be a content partner!
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