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  1. Welcome home. A few minor changes have been made.

    A few minor changes have been made since you were last here.

    • All archived threads/posts have been gathered together and moved to a dedicated "Archive" area located at the bottom of the main forums page.
    • The "Members Only" forums have been moved up the list and are now located just below the main "Talk About Tennis" forum.
    • The "Home" page button in the main navigation bar now links to our base URL. Beginning Saturday our base URL
  2. More Expanding on the Horizon

    With the new platform on the back-burner indefinitely, I'm focusing on expanding the options for our members here on the forum.

    One goal for 2013 is to see our community retain more permanent and active members. I think offering a wider variety of fun ways to interact with each other and with the community as a whole, is one way of helping us to reach that goal. In order to help do this, you'll be seeing some additions to our forum community.

    Our new Chat Bar is the first ...
  3. Plans for the future

    It's been a while since I've written one of these. But we have some changes on the horizon and I want to share the plans with all of you. Community
    The biggest change will be in the software we use for our community. I'm sure most of you have heard about that, and there's a thread here that explains it if you haven't yet heard. The new community site will open to all current members following the US Open and will run alongside our forum. It will officially ...
  4. TAT - The New Year

    Wow! I went all of last year with just one blog entry about our community. Last year was pretty much status quo. No major changes or upgrades. This year, however, will be a little different.

    As many of you have already seen (and experienced) we've revamped our prediction contest in a major way. Now known as the "TAT Prediction Challenge", our predict every tournament every week contest is completely automated. The brainchild of member elisat, TATi (the 'i' stands ...
  5. New stuff on the horizon

    TAT will celebrate its fifth birthday on August 27th, just before the US Open. How much frickin' fun has the last 5 years been?!

    As has been the case since the beginning, TAT continues to evolve. We have a few changes coming around US Open time.

    Our content section and home page will get a face lift. A few things will be gone and a few will be added. Including a weekly poll, weekly video from our YouTube channel, and we'll be publishing the list of TOP 10 ATP and WTA ranked ...
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