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  1. Am I even a fan of tennis anymore?

    This sort of broadly speaks to why I feel I have been becoming less of a tennis fan lately.

    It's impossible to see any of it except for clip packages after the fact. I have to literally wade through seedy websites to find streaming feeds that are likely trying to give my computer STDs the whole way.

    I don't really want to pay yet another monthly subscription fee to be able to see any matches.

    Even the USO Finals I really did scour my basic ...
  2. A Perfect Moment

    Not very often I do experience these moments of absolute perfection. Moments where time could freeze and leave me in a state of true contentment.

    Often, it simply requires a convergence of animals or the outdoors. Outdoors it doesn't even require good weather, just an intangible something... a web, a flower, or some sort of detail that sets the mind spinning about all that exists that we tend to ignore. The elaborate complexities that have developed and lead to an exquisite ...