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  1. My Books of 2009 Complete List

    Last night I finished my last book of 2009. I'm not going to write proper reviews about these books since some of them I already have written reviews on and others I can sum up in a few sentences if need be. But I will have my scoring next to them.

    1. New Moon by Stephenie Meyer 10/10
    2. Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer 10/10 This is probably my favorite of the entire series.
    3. Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer 10/10
    4. Innocent Traitor by Alison Weir 10/10 ...
  2. My Books of 2009 Part II

    7. The Queen's Secret by Jean Plaidy 8/10
    Corny title, but good book. The book is, like Weir's Innocent Traitor, a historical novel. This time being about Katherine of Valois who ended up being the mother of the Tudor Dynasty in England. The book is very well written and very captive. It's narrated by Katherine herself, which makes it seem more personal. This book definitely made me research her more after reading it and was certainly a great choice for my ever evolving collection of historical ...
  3. My Book of 2009 Part I

    Continuing something I started last year, I will be doing more of my little book comments in blog form. I've decided since I've already read more than 10 books this year to split them up into parts instead of doing on giant one at the end of the year. Like last time I will be posting them in order I read them along with their links so if you're interested enough you may click and see the proper description.

    1. Girls of Riyadh by Rajaa Alsanea 8/10
    I actually read ...
  4. The Panic Files: Broken Glass Fragments

    "Never again is what you swore the time before" Depeche Mode

    What day is it? The year? It's March. March again. March holds a lot of bad memories for me, and a week ago those memories resurfaced. The freshly stitched wound was recut. Panic followed for the next 4 days.

    On Friday March 6, my brother relapsed.

    The details of why are sketchy at best. Apparently he was on the public bus and some random guy offered him some and he couldn't resist. ...
  5. The Panic Files: Stitch Work

    "Forgive sounds good. Forget, I don't think I could. They say Time heals everything, but I'm still waiting." - Dixie Chicks

    It's been almost two years since my world was flipped upside down and shaken, rattled, stirred, and shattered. I've spent these past two years angry and heartbroken trying to duct tape the pieces back together. I lost more than just $2,700 that rainy March day. I lost my trust in the human species, I lost my trust in my own self, my reasoning and my ...
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