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  1. My proposal on time violation

    Many players and spectators are arguing lately that something needs to be done about this problem.
    Obviously, existing rules do not work, because umpires are reluctunt to apply them - players gets warning on the first offense and then point penalty. This is too "black-n-white" of a rule, it does not give umpires necessary flexibility, they're afraid to interrupt the flow of a match and "time stretchers" thrive...

    My proposal - do not apply warnings and point ...

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  2. Myth about “mentally tough” Nadal and “talented but mentally

    weak" Federer.

    I always believed in numerical proof of my point.

    Let’s examine losses of Federer and Nadal.

    Federer has 160 losses.

    Best of 3:
    60: 0-2
    59: 1-2

    Virtually 50% chances that Fed will take a set, when he is losing.

    Best of 5:
    15 losses 0-3;
    12 losses 1-3;
    13 losses 2-3;

    Nadal has 89 losses:

    Best of 3:
    40: 0-2
    26: ...

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