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  1. ponchi101's Avatar
    Downright envious of your situation! Enjoy!
  2. oohsalmon's Avatar
    !!!, I meant...
  3. oohsalmon's Avatar
  4. Charlie02123's Avatar
    Aw. Thanks for all your support. I have to say, the three avatars you have at the moment made me burst out laughing. I was like: "these are my supporters?"

    I wouldn't have it any other way! Mwah!
  5. nelslus's Avatar
    Wishing you great luck to make the team, Charlie.
  6. Scotty's Avatar
    Gooooooooooooooooo Charlie!
  7. Jay's Avatar
    That's awesome!
    Glad to hear you'll be on the team!
    I know how much you wanted to be on the team and how much it sucked that you had that injury.
    so woot!
  8. Charlie02123's Avatar
    The old guy I was referring to was probably 60ish.
  9. mrjiggyfly2's Avatar

    Nice job. You're a man trying to live his life. When you say that you plated an old guy...How old are we talking?
  10. JTContinental's Avatar
    Wow, sounds like you play exactly the opposite of me! I like to hit a big serve, maybe one or two groundies, and then take the net. I'm 6'2", so it's tough to pass me, and that's where I win most of my points.

    Even though I'd probably suck comparatively, I'd like to hit around with any of y'all someday.
  11. munchin's Avatar
    Wow, sounds like we play exactly alike. I'm not a fan of the net even though my volleys have improved. I just don't know where to hit them when I have the chance. I love hitting passing shots. I even use Roger's short slice strategy frequently just to set the other guy up. And I've always thought I'd be good on clay. We're gonna have to hit around one of these years, Charlie.
  12. oohsalmon's Avatar
    Bien fait!

    I'm uber jealous of all this. Know I'm playing vicariously through you, living and dying with every point.

    No pressure.
  13. oohsalmon's Avatar
    OMG this sounds so far up my alley. I totally need to start playing tournaments.

    Anyone know where I can find some for DC-area in August and Ann Arbor during the school year?
  14. mrjiggyfly2's Avatar
    Atta boy Charlie!!!
  15. Jay's Avatar
    Awesome to hear that you're winning matches again!
    And I have to agree with M8, don't overwork your arm. It's good to hear that your arm is getting better fairly quickly!

    And what happened, no more diet blogs?
    eat too much bad food?
  16. Charlie02123's Avatar
    Thanks gang! I'm definitely taking a few days to rest after that crazy weekend. I'm still going to physical therapy twice a week, so I'm not too worried about messing myself up. If something hurts, I don't do it. Mostly my shoulder and back will just get sore because the muscles are still building themselves back up. I had a session today and my PT said she's surprised with how quickly my arm is getting better.

    The tournament was 3.5. I played 4.0 and Open last summer, but moved down for this summer because of my shoulder issues. I'm playing another 3.5 in Vancouver this weekend. If it goes well, I might think about playing a 4.0 or Open sometime before the school year starts.
  17. nelslus's Avatar
    Congrats on your continuing rehab, Charlie.

    AND- next time- tell 'em they can damned well wait until you are ready to play. You had every right to take a 30 minute break. I've learned not to allow myself to be pressured into anything when it comes to tennis. Especially when it comes to recovering from injury. And- I also agree with mmmm8- be careful not to press yourself too hard.
  18. munchin's Avatar
    Nice job. What level tournament was this? There are some real characters who show up to these things. I'd say some the all-around worst people I've ever met, I've met at tennis tournaments. But that's a great motivator for me.
    And ugh...super-tiebreakers. They make me so nervous. Good job winning that one.
  19. mmmm8's Avatar
    Yay, you won some matches!!

    Just don't overwork your arm!
  20. Snidely's Avatar
    Be careful with that V8 juice - it's got a full day's worth of salt in it.
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