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  1. Thoughts on the Election and the ElectionThread

    I voted for John McCain. It's not because I'm really inspired by the candidate. Obama is far more inspirational. I've pretty much never voted for a Democrat in my life even though I'm a registered independent. I'm from Massachusetts and never voted for Kerry or Kennedy. My last post in the election thread
    pretty much spells out the philosophy I go by. Here's the part of it from post #3566

    I'm not a fan of wealth spreading even though it will benefit someone like me. I don't ...
  2. Plea to Nikolay Davydenko


    You have an unbelievable game--a unique style that is, in my opinion, the most entertaining in the game. Watching you take the title in Miami by dismantling Rafa in the final led me to believe that it was going to be a great year for you.
    But then you got nervous after going up two sets on Ljubicic at the French. That sucked . Getting nervous doesn't help. take a page out of Rafa's book and try and always be positive and upbeat. I think it will serve you well. You only ...
  3. Men's day 2

    Garcia-Lopez vs. Roitman
    surprised to see that guillermo Garcia-Lopez is only a small favirte vs. Sergio Roitman. I think that Roitman and Benjamin Becker are the two worst players in the top 100.

    Seppi vs. Ancic
    This one is even money right now. But I would be hard pressed for a reason as to why Seppi isn't a favorite. He's had a better clay season, and, unlike his opponent, he's not coming off a loss to Robby Ginepri

    Wawrinka vs. PEHK
    I like Stan ...
  4. Who's Up Who's Down Miami Style

    Davydenko and Nadal match hasn't happened yet--they would switch places on this list if Kolya beats him


    1. Serena Williams---heavyweight champ looks much better as a heavyweight than a super heavyweight

    2. Rafael Nadal--And it's not even his time of year

    3. Nikolay Davydenko--Bookies shouldn't be surprised to see money coming in on Davydenko in 08

    4. Jelena Jankovic---Featherweight champ is half Serbian half Houdinian ...
  5. Men's Up and Down after IW


    1. Novak Djolovic....The Alpha Male

    2. Mardy Fish...Which occurs more often?
    a. Mardy stringing a few good wins together
    b. a leap year

    3. Rafael Nadal....His semifinal showing was more impressive than the other losing semifinalist

    4. Stanislas Wawrinka...Maybe Stan the Man will be the dominant men's player Switzerland is looking for


    1. Roger Federer...Unfortunately, the mononucleosis ...
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