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  1. My tennis database

    I didn't realize how dependent on the constant flow of tennis results I became. That is, until this flow stopped. To entertain myself, I turned to the past again. At first I touched pre-Open results on Tennisarchives site. I already have a lot collected from here, but site caretakers continue to clarify some data on the continuous basis. But then I realized, that my early Open era collection can be improved greatly as well. And not only from Tennisarchives. ATP site also continues to improve and ...
  2. The "head-to-head" significance (or lack there of)

    Why "head-to-head" is a flawed criteria and SHOULD NOT be considered as a criteria in any serious discussion, which tries to judge objectively.

    In court, when one side refers to the partial statement, other side always has an option to hear the whole statement. The whole always allows to judge with greater measure of objectivity comparing to its subset.

    When we look at "head-to-head" between two players, we neglect the fact that each of these two ...
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  3. The US (wide) Open

    Whilst I love most sports, tennis has always been the one that thrills me the most due to its fast-paced nature, the combination of grace and raw power and the great rivalries that it creates, therefore my inaugural blog will be about this awe-inspiring discipline.

    If we rewind to January 31st 2010, itís 4am and Iím shattered after having taken a night bus and then walked for 30 minutes to get back to my friendís house in London after a night out for my best mateís birthday. Rather ...