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  1. WTA 2013 in numbers

    All the figures below are based on main draws of WTA tour only – challengers and lower tier events are not included. Qualification matches also not included.

    All the data below is based on 57 WTA tournaments + Fed Cup. Total matches taken into account – 2511

    Ranking is based on the following point values:
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  2. Women’s Doubles at the French Open

    Women’s Doubles at the French Open:
    Where’s the Competition?

    The single’s champions over the past five years havebeen varied, even surprising, with Ivanovic in 2008, Kuznetsova in 2009,Schiavone in 2010, Li Na in 2011, and Maria Sharapova last year.

    The field in this year’s doubles competition maylead to an even more surprising result.

    Roberta Vinci and Sara Errani are the defending Champs. They won threeof the four Grand Slams in 2012. Venus and Serena ...
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  3. French Open, Women’s Singles Championship

    French Open, Women’s Singles Championship:
    If she makes one final, there might be motivation foranother.

    I didn’t watch the sport very often when Ivanovic wasplaying her best tennis. She has made three Grand Slam finals. So, is sheoverrated? Probably not.

    2008:Ivanovic won the French Open following a runner-up finish the year before toHenin. Ivanovic spawned the trend for the following years that made the FrenchOpen feel kind of like any player’s opportunity to ...
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  4. My proposal on time violation

    Many players and spectators are arguing lately that something needs to be done about this problem.
    Obviously, existing rules do not work, because umpires are reluctunt to apply them - players gets warning on the first offense and then point penalty. This is too "black-n-white" of a rule, it does not give umpires necessary flexibility, they're afraid to interrupt the flow of a match and "time stretchers" thrive...

    My proposal - do not apply warnings and point ...

    Updated 04-19-2013 at 10:51 PM by mick1303

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  5. Scrub vs Qualifier: The Eternal Battle

    I have been participating in various prediction contests for years, and one of the things I have learned is to be wary of picking against qualifiers. I can't count the number of times I made a prediction thinking "Player X has this one easy, he/she is playing a qualifier," then watching player X crash and burn against that very same qualifier. I started wondering about the overall success of qualifiers in tournaments, with two questions in mind:

    1. How well do qualifiers do ...
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