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  1. Stop The World

    Ten years ago I received a phone call on a Tuesday morning. It was a contact of mine who, rather abruptly (time was of essence indeed in this matter), wanted to know if I could be in Malaysia by Thursday. I asked if by any chance he had Google Earth on his computer as I was in South America and by simple time differences it was already Wednesday in Kuala Lumpur, but following instructions I rushed to my friendly travel agent to find out. I could make it to KL by Friday, but only if I left that ...

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  2. 2017 US Open Post Mortem.

    With Nishikori and Raonic out with injuries, Dimitrov out to a far less accomplished player and a new bunch of kids coming quickly into focus, can we say that the Little Three are the tennis rendition of The Lost Boys?

    Will the USTA rename the main court at the BJK National tennis Center "Arthur Asharapova Stadium"? Because that was blatant.

    Parity rules the WTA now. Really, all players can beat each other. When Serena returns, will it be Ulysses slaying every ...
  3. On Violence

    Violence, the saying goes, is the language of those that are not right. The saying is completely correct in that, if you are not wrong, you do not need to recourse to violence. The strength of your actions and statements are enough.
    Or would be if the saying would go on and expand a bit more. Because violence may be the language of those that are not right but violence is very effective. It is a universal language, easily understood by everybody ever since in that apocryphal scene in 2001 ...

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  4. On The Golden Era

    Steve Kerr, the coach for the formidable Golden State Warriors, recently laid to rest the questions about old time teams beating the current ones. Although his answer was related to basketball, it simply applies to all sports. Kerr used a charming and sophisticated dose of sarcasm when he stated that the teams of the past would crush the current teams. Paraphrasing, he jokingly stated that in sports, as opposed to other aspects of real life, evolution works backwards; athletes become slower, weaker, ...

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  5. The 9th Annual Munchie Awards; or 2016 in review

    Because it's Oscar time and they're sure to get it wrong, as per usual, itís once again time to look back at the previous year in film through the lens of...ME!!!!! That's right, it's the 9th Annual Munchie Awards! I hope to shine a spotlight on some of the 2016's cinematic gems while pointedly ignoring some of the bafflingly praised films of the year (I'm looking at you, Hacksaw Ridge).

    As per tradition, I like to save the best for first. Here are my 15 favorite films of the ...
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