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  1. New stuff on the horizon

    TAT will celebrate its fifth birthday on August 27th, just before the US Open. How much frickin' fun has the last 5 years been?!

    As has been the case since the beginning, TAT continues to evolve. We have a few changes coming around US Open time.

    Our content section and home page will get a face lift. A few things will be gone and a few will be added. Including a weekly poll, weekly video from our YouTube channel, and we'll be publishing the list of TOP 10 ATP and WTA ranked ...
  2. On appreciating Andy Roddick

    Andy Roddick is not my favorite player. Perhaps never will be. There is something about his style of play, that robotic backhand that gives him so much trouble, his natural lack of speed on court, that makes him a bit unappealing to me. Over the years he has berated Chair Umpires more than once, and has certainly abused spectators or fans on some occasions. These are attitudes that are not to be liked. But over the same few years there has been a certain quality in him, which has nothing to do with ...
  3. JT Copies Munchin and Hurricanejeanne!

    OK, since the year is already half over, I'm going to set my goal at 25 books, but if I go over, then great! I've only been out of school one week, and I've finished two books.

    1. Daemon/Daniel Suarez June 10
    2. Gossip Girl: The Carlyles--Take a Chance on Me/Cecily von Ziegesar June 16
    3. The City and the Pillar/Gore Vidal June 20
    4. Finger Lickin' Fifteen/Janet Evanovich June 29
    5. Vienna Blood/Frank Tallis July 7
    6. Lost Souls/Poppy Z. Brite July ...

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  4. Who Wants to Read 50 Books in 2009?

    Inspired by hurricanejeanne and a few friends who are undertaking a similar challenge, I'm going to try to read 50 books in 2009. I'm obsessive about keeping track of books I've read and movies I've seen, etc., so this sounds like a lot of fun. Does anyone want to join me?

    I'm taking a children's literature review class right now that I've already read 30 or so books for, so for the purposes of this undertaking, if I read a children's book that was under 100 pages, I'm not going to ...

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  5. Madrid Open 09 - I was there

    Beautiful day in Madrid. Sunny, breezy. A bit of confusion initially as I printed my receipt instead of the ticket. I was lucky they were able to help me at the ticket desk.

    JMDP Berdych
    Excellent seat, right behind the flowers. I was surprised by how big Berdych actually is. Funny to see Cedric Mourier with these two huge players. Berdych looking so neat, del Potro looking already sweaty even before the match started. Tomas actually had one fan in the stands, a 70 years ...