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  1. Logbook to despair. Part IV

    So, how do you get a passport in my country?
    Venezuela is not the most technologically advanced country. But one thing that the GOV has wanted to do is to make everything web-based. Never mind that half the population has no access to the WWW. Never mind that a large portion of the population is internet illiterate. Never mind that communications in Venezuela are difficult at best. The Vennie GOV decided that the only way to get a passport is to it through a web page where you start a long ...
  2. Logbook to despair. Part III

    My plane is the only one landing at that time. I clear customs quickly, grab my baggage and find the driver that will drive me home.
    I have always recommended people that are traveling to Venezuela to arrive at night. Caracas does not have an airport within the city: it is serviced at Maiquetia, a coastal town about hour from it. So you have to drive from the coast up the mountain, on a winding and twisting road.
    The reason I recommend darkness when doing this is that at night, ...
  3. Logbook to despair. Part II

    Because of the political and economical crisis that Venezuela has been going through, the main and large airlines of the world no longer fly there. The problem takes a while to explain.
    Venezuela implemented, in 2002, an exchange control system. Citizens could only exchange the local currency into others by a complicated system which needed approval by the government. It was even to the point that Venezuelan credit cards were only given a fixed amount to be used in foreign currency for the ...
  4. Logbook to despair. Part I

    I like airports. During the last 20 years of my life I have been fortunate that my job has flown me to several different places in the world, lovely destinations and adventurous places where I have enjoyed experiences. When I am in one of those trips, the initial step is always the airport, where I sit down and contemplate my final destination. It is an enjoyable experience, waiting to be called to board a plane and take off to a place way over the horizon.
    But not this time.
    I am ...
  5. Stop The World

    Ten years ago I received a phone call on a Tuesday morning. It was a contact of mine who, rather abruptly (time was of essence indeed in this matter), wanted to know if I could be in Malaysia by Thursday. I asked if by any chance he had Google Earth on his computer as I was in South America and by simple time differences it was already Wednesday in Kuala Lumpur, but following instructions I rushed to my friendly travel agent to find out. I could make it to KL by Friday, but only if I left that ...

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