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  1. Super Sveta Slays Scary Schiavone

    Well Russia takes home the Fed Cup trophy once again in the last 3 or 4 years by easily sweeping aside Italy 4-0. To start off Day 2 Sveta Kuznetsova faced off with Franny Schiavone. It was a thrilling three set battle that ended with Kuzzy winning 46-76-75.

    The first set began with some sloppy play that had some brilliance mixed in. Some good signs were that Kuzzy was trying to stay aggressive and attacked the net a lot. Although she was a little sloppy she kept it tight but Schiavone ...
    Russian Tennis
  2. Reflections on my first two weeks of having a real job.

    I could've used this title several years ago when I "graduated" from babysitting to shelving books at my local library (read: a three-hour yawn-fest that I hated going to three times a week after school), as that was my first job where I was employed outside the house.

    Then I could have used this title a couple years after that when I got my first job with any real responsiblity. Yup, you guessed, it : Family Video, where I worked for over five years continuously, with ...

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  3. The Wonderful Sound of Clanging Metal

    Tonight marked the beginning of the intramural mixed tennis season here at the University of Michigan. I signed up with my partner from last year, my roommate's (now ex-) girlfriend. We went 2-1 in the regular season and made the semifinals of the playoffs last year (winning two rounds in a 10-team bracket).

    Last year our team was named "I Feel Pretty" after the ubiquitous Nike commercial from last fall starring Maria Sharapova. We decided after that that we would name next ...

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    My Tennis
  4. Who are the Brie Whiteheads and Federers in the Booth? PT.1

    Well.....i think most tennis fans would agree that our commentators are not quite up to snuff with other commentators in the sports world. They have you thinking..."Wow what drugs arent they doing!" and "other comments along those lines. So this will be the first part of my commentators list so feel free to add on comments other names of commentators i forgot.

    Mary Carillo- Well i must say she is despised by a large number of the tennis community and she very well deserves ...
    Tennis TV
  5. Russians Continue to Roll

    Wow, this is my first blog so i wonder where i will start....

    Well, Fed Cup Day 1 has finished and no big suprises have occured so far. Chaks pulled out her win with a tight 6-4 4-6 6-4 victory over Franny which was followed up by a huge win for Sveta 1 and 2 over Santangelo but if you watched the match it looked as if the score shouldve been 0 and 0.

    To start off with i was really impressed with Anna's victory over Franny who is always a tricky opponent. She was ...
    Russian Tennis