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  1. Logbook to the middle ages. IV

    Next morning I have to start my drive south to Berat, my final destination. I therefore do not get to see a lot of Tirana. I have breakfast on the 16th floor of the hotel and I get a great view of the surroundings.
    Tirana is amid small mountains, green and luscious with vegetation. It is not the tropics but located at about 40° north is not the barren stones of Iceland or the pine tree forests of Northern Europe. There are signs that the Mediterranean is close by, represented by the Adriatic. ...

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  2. Logbook to the middle ages. III

    I was led to believe that I would be traveling to a land where episodes of Game Of Thrones would be solely anecdotal, a place where, save for the dragons, the slaughter of the enemy would be a daily matter. This, of course, was because of the information I got from the web. Albania is described as not very developed, one of the poor countries of Europe. As I approach the airport, I start to believe that to be true.
    You see, one thing about developed countries is the amount of lights in their ...
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  3. Logbook to the middle ages. II

    However, the welcomed feeling of relief does not come without some perks being lost. The first one is my status. I have been degraded to a normal existence of a laborer. I have, like many a mighty man, fallen. And the first sign of such degradation is that this company that hires me now does not love me enough to fly me over the Atlantic in Business Class. Not even in Economy Plus.
    No, I am to be tortured by the Luftwaffe.
    By that I obviously mean Lufthansa, the efficient German airline, ...
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  4. Logbook to the middle ages. I

    For the last year I have been, once again, subject to the almost unbearable torture of not existing to the world. I have been continuously, exclusively, maniacally looking for a job that has not come through. The experience is not a pleasurable one and it affects you in ways that are hard to describe.
    One of them is the constant worry about finances. If I may detour, one thing that I hate is what people call “popular knowledge” and its offspring, its sayings. One of them in Spanish states ...

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  5. The Wrong Shot

    Two weeks of Grand Slam tennis provides with a lot of TV coverage of a lot of matches. There are plenty of commentators, which can be divided into two camps: former professional players that have made the crossover and “Professional” commentators, people that for some reason or another get the credit of “knowing” about the sport.
    Needless to say, many in both camps have no idea of what they are talking about.
    The most flagrant example of this level of ignorance is when one of the athletes ...

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