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  1. Australian Open 2010: My Picks

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    Men: Roger Federer
    Women: Serena Williams

    Once again, I'm being boring and picking the 1 seeds. Believe it or not, I spend quite a ridiculous amount of time studying the draws before I make my pick. I swear I'm not just playing it safe. It hardly matters, of course. I was 0-5 with my US Open picks.

    In filling out my brackets, I was a bit more daring in the early rounds, particularly on the men's side. ...
  2. The Armchair Squid

    I have a blog at My tennis posts are generally geared to sports fans who are not tennis fans (i.e., most of my friends) but I hope that they might be enjoyable for devoted followers as well. The following is my intro post for the Australian Open.

    Why You Should Watch the Australian Open

    If you live in a northern climate as I do, glimpses of summertime anywhere else in the world can provide a welcome relief. Thank goodness

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  3. The 2nd Annual Doobie Awards; or 2009 in Review - Part 2

    Well, 2009 wasn't all wine, roses and George Clooney. Welcome to the dirty, seedy underbelly of 2009 in film, the 2nd Annual Doobie Awards (that is, the more dubious honors).

    Most Disappointing Film

    Well there was no shortage of disappointing films this year. A lot of films I disliked this year had lots of potential. But the Doobie is going to go to a movie that I didn't actually dislike. It was a film from a masterpiece of a novel that was just a pretty-good movie ...

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  4. The 2nd Annual Munchies!; or 2009 in Review - Part 1

    It's that time of the year again. Golden Globes are coming up. Oscar nominations are just a couple weeks away. But the movie industry doesn't really care about those. No, they're waiting, with bated breath, to see who will walk away with one of:

    The 2nd Annual Munchie Awards!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is the 2nd year if taken the time to try see all of the movies I think would possibly appeal to me (and of course, many which I knew absolutely wouldn't). It was more difficult this ...
  5. TAT - The New Year

    Wow! I went all of last year with just one blog entry about our community. Last year was pretty much status quo. No major changes or upgrades. This year, however, will be a little different.

    As many of you have already seen (and experienced) we've revamped our prediction contest in a major way. Now known as the "TAT Prediction Challenge", our predict every tournament every week contest is completely automated. The brainchild of member elisat, TATi (the 'i' stands ...