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  1. Scrub Hub: November, 2011

    So friends, November has come and gone. This also means, of course, that the most important day of the year (hint: itís my birthday) has come and gone as well. This would account for why this report is a few days late, Iíve been very preoccupied in my newly legal status. I have spent the last week and a half straight buying an ungodly amount of cigarettes that I will never smoke; voting in every election possible (E! online polls being the majority of them, Adele is the celebrity of the year BY ...

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  2. I failed

    I failed my friend, Jon.

    We were great friends in college. How he made me laugh. I didn't even know at the time how much I appreciated a completely bent sense of humor. But I laughed. Non-stop. Some of the best days of my life. If you think I'm bent, you have Jon, at least in part, to thank.

    But even then, there were times when he would shut everyone out. I knew something wasn't right. I knew he was struggling. I knew he was hurting. But I was wrapped up in the things ...
  3. WTA 2011 in numbers

    All the figures below are based on main draws of WTA tour only Ė challengers and lower tier events are not included. Qualification matches also not included.

    All the data below is based on 57 WTA tournaments + Fed Cup. Total matches taken into account Ė 2518

    Ranking is based on the following point values:

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  4. Scrub Hub: October, 2011

    **NOTE** This is in no way meant to replace the absolutely fantastic work that our dear friend Kandi does on a daily basis. These posts are not meant to be score reports, but just one scrub fanís thoughts on the WTA challenger circuit each month.

    Well friends, it is October, which means that it is the time of year where the WTA main tour is slowing down. But this also means, of course, that the challenger circuit is just beginning its fall swing with many, many tournaments for ...

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  5. Book Review. A Crime So Monstrous

    Every once in a while you do come across a truly terrifying book. Something that will send chills down your spine, literally. A page turner that brings out emotions you thought you did not have.
    E. Benjamin Skinner achieved such a book in A Crime So Monstrous. Skinner travels to several countries on Earth to document modern day slavery, and what is chilling about the book is that it is factual. Skinner details in elegant but journalistic style the plight of the currently estimated 27 million ...