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  1. An afternoon

    One is tall, with her red hair tied in a pony tail that sways softly as she walks. She is generous in the curves of her shape, and wears glasses that denote certain intellectuality that perhaps is not there. I don’t know her well enough, but she seems to be shy and mostly, she observes. She has no need to be the leading role, and there is no reason to stand out.
    Even if she does it constantly.
    The other one is short, blonde as a sun in the morning. Her eyes are blue like an infinite ...
  2. My proposal on time violation

    Many players and spectators are arguing lately that something needs to be done about this problem.
    Obviously, existing rules do not work, because umpires are reluctunt to apply them - players gets warning on the first offense and then point penalty. This is too "black-n-white" of a rule, it does not give umpires necessary flexibility, they're afraid to interrupt the flow of a match and "time stretchers" thrive...

    My proposal - do not apply warnings and point ...

    Updated 04-19-2013 at 10:51 PM by mick1303

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  3. On Naming a Pope


    Possible names for the new Pope

    After spending almost a full decade with a Pope named after pretentious eggs, the yet-to-be-elected prelate should think of a name that will be more in accordance with the era, and which may bring the Church more in step with modern times (or at least into the early 1900´s). Some possible ideas for a new papal name:

    Pope Gene. We are still ...
  4. On Heroes

    On the heels (terrible pun intended) of the Oscar Pistorius debacle, one has been forced to read in several media that Pistorius was not a hero, and even if proven innocent of all counts we should have never expected heroism from him. One has had to read, repeatedly, that “we are all humans, and we make mistakes”, in the context that we should forgive Mr. Pistorius for falling from the pedestal “we” placed him on.
    It is a terrible lame conclusion. Since we are all humans, and we all make ...
  5. The 5th Annual Doobie Awards; or 2012 in Review, part 2

    As much fun as it is to celebrate the bright spots of cinema, it's also a hoot and a half to tear apart the films that never should have been made. These are the 2012 Doobie Awards (that is...this year's more dubious achievements in cinema). This will be a bit interesting because I saw a lot of mediocrities this year but not a lot of downright terrible stuff. This year's offerings disappointed me in how infrequently they strove towards aggressive awfulness.

    Most Disappointing Film ...
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