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  1. IW '09 TAT Tailgate - Random, Random - Part I

    My apologies as I know this will be a little all over the place (pretty much where my head is at these days) but wanted to add to all the terrific IW 2009 Tailgate stories that have already been shared...I miss you guys...

    Letís go to the hop: We all know how many players bounce around between points and before they serve but Maid Marion...well, letís just say itís best sheís not a dancer. Every point on her serve, she does a little hop Ė which is immediately followed by what ...

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  2. ABCs of BNPPO@IW09

    I tried to put my thoughts in an organized fashion, but I soon gave up. So, here are my random IW thoughts, ABC style:

    "Are we there yet?Ē I had a long few weeks leading up to the tailgate, and all I wanted to do on the plane ride to California was sleep. Unfortunately, I had talkative neighbors for both of my flights.

    BNPPO@IW is almost as much of a mouthful as USTABJKNTC. The new trophy is nice, but I do miss the whale. If Rafa wins, I hope he doesn't try to bite ...

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  3. Thanks!

    Just a quick thanks! to all of you for your kind thoughts and prayers. I don't post often, but always read the forums.

    Everyone stand up right now, and give yourself a big hug!

  4. The Panic Files: Broken Glass Fragments

    "Never again is what you swore the time before" Depeche Mode

    What day is it? The year? It's March. March again. March holds a lot of bad memories for me, and a week ago those memories resurfaced. The freshly stitched wound was recut. Panic followed for the next 4 days.

    On Friday March 6, my brother relapsed.

    The details of why are sketchy at best. Apparently he was on the public bus and some random guy offered him some and he couldn't resist. ...
  5. My Davis Cup Experience

    With the Davis Cup match between United States and Switzerland being played in Birmingham, Alabama this past weekend, I decided to make my way to the Birmingham-Jefferson Civic Center Arena despite not purchasing tickets.

    I arrived at the site at 11:40 AM local time. Parking was hard to find as I spent approximately 15 minutes looking for a spot. There were areas I could have paid to park. But since I was not attending the first day, I decided not to park in those areas. ...