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  1. ATP 2003-2008

    Going backwards, Iíve finished 2003 on ATP side. The results of weighted rating for 2003-2008 are:
    Player WR
    Federer, Roger 14.3
    Nadal, Rafael 8.33067
    Roddick, Andy 6.13044
    Hewitt, Lleyton 4.25286
    Djokovic, Novak 4.23974
    Davydenko, Nikolay 3.88231
    Agassi, Andre 3.84354
    Nalbandian, David 3.78372
    Ferrero, Juan-Carlos 3.19293
    Coria, Guillermo ...

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  2. The Doobies - 2008 in Review - Part 2

    Dubious Awards

    The Most Disappointing Film of the Year: It was a tight three-way race but the "winner" is Burn After Reading. The Coen Brothers are normally so good and they produced a masterpiece just last year, but boy was this an un-fun movie to watch. It barely beat out the headache inducing Quantum of Solace and the awful Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay, the prequel of which is perhaps the most surprisingly funny and enjoyable movies I have ever seen. A ...
  3. The Munchies; or 2008 in Review - Part 1

    I tacked on the "2008 in Review" part to the title of of this blog so people didn't get the wrong idea about its contents.

    It's only 3 weeks until the Academy announces their nominations for the most prestigious award in film and it's more or less a guarantee that they're going to forget someone or nominate someone who shouldn't be there. But while I've given the Academy a very hard time in the past, I've never before made a really concerted effort to actually see every ...

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  4. My Books of 2008

    Those who are chat regulars know that I am usually either doing one of two things when in chat. I'm either working on my art or reading my current book, which I usually recommend since most of TAT are pretty big book fans. So this is my first Book Blog of all the books I've read this year. I will put in the links to the books from so that you may read the description. They are in order of being read.

    1. Beneath a Marble Sky by John Shors. 10/10
    Probably one of the ...
  5. Christmas is coming!

    Christmas is when I am really glad to have kids, so I can indulge them (and myself) in all the silly traditions that make Christmas special.

    We have started already by making our Christmas pudding - this is made in November - and everyone has to stir it while saying "Go mbeimid beo ag an am seo aris", which translates as "May we all be alive at this time again". The Christmas cakes are also baked, and the kids are looking forward to icing them. Christmas cookies, ...