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  1. ATP 2004-2008 in numbers

    Since I love to play with tennis stat data here I something I want to share.
    I’m slowly filling my database with results. ATP part is filled from August 2004 till present – roughly 4 years. Already a period, when one can make some broad generalizations. I’ve looked at win-loss records and nice round number 100 (wins) caught my attention. There are only 39 men, who passed this mark during this period.
    Interesting to break it down by countries to see who’s in the lead:
    1) Not ...
  2. Williams Day -- Wimbledon Women's Final

    Some thoughts from my day at Wimbledon. I won tickets through the public ballot that Wimby runs every year. I lucked out by getting finals tickets since you cannot specify which day you would like. The great thing about Wimbledon is that they prohibit the resale of tickets, so there are no brokers or scalpers. Every ticket sold should be sold at face value. The tickets to the final ran 86 pounds each. Not bad considering similar tickets at the US Open would be a few grand apiece. The tix ...
  3. Queen's Club Day One

    Ok, ok, I know this is really late, but I'm lazy and never sat down to write it.

    Queen's Club Day 1 --

    You hear the name "Queen's Club" and you think, "this sounds like a place where nelsus would hang out," but it is in fact a fancy tennis club and not a den of iniquity.

    Queen's Club is really easy to get to, just a short two blocks from the Baron's Court tube stop with excellent signage directing you to the gate. My wife and I were taking ...
  4. One day at Wimbledon

    I’ve decided to write a bit of a blog to give you guys a feel of the atmosphere of one day at Wimbledon.

    I took a day off work on the first Tuesday, was planning to join the queue but a friend that works for the ITF managed to get me a ground pass (thank you Helen!). The best bit about arriving with a ticket is walking past the huge winding queue and thinking “HAH! Suckers…”.

    Entered the grounds around 11, and soon I found myself brushing shoulders with none other ...

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    Player (2008 record as of 06/21/08) – Best Wimbledon finish – 2008 wins - Comments

    (1)Ana Ivanovic (27-6): 2007 Wimbledon SF; 2008 W-French Open and Indian Wells. Aiming to become the first player to do the French Open-Wimbledon double since Serena Williams in 2002
    (2)Venus Williams (14-7): 2000, 2001, 2005, 2007 Wimbledon W; Best grass player in the 2000s. If a player does not beat Venus before the QF, she will be tougher to beat as she will be ...