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  1. Grad School Explosion!

    So school started last Wednesday. For the first two weeks, there is an introductory class called LIS 500. This class meets at the Fisheries Building at 9am. Most of you probably don't know the the University of Washington, Fisheries is way the hell off campus in the middle of nowhere. It's not cool. And I have 6 1/2 hours of lecture each time and tons of preparatory reading to do for each meeting. Last week was really not fun. I felt pretty overwhelmed at first. The lectures were all long and fast ...
  2. Random Thoughts and Random Thanks in Regard to Madrid

    by , 09-27-2008 at 11:31 AM (Tennis Ramblings with GVGirl)
    Thank you Madrid Nightlife! Too many spots to name but I had a blast patronizing the following establishments:

    Casa Mateo in Calle del Angel- Say “Hello” to Juan!

    La Mala Fama (in English it means “The Bad Reputation”) Calle Segovia 22. The club dates back to the 16th century! Tell Felix and Pilar that they have the best bar in Madrid.

    A big “Thank You” to my new friends who gave me the real tours of Madrid.

    España, clap, clap, clap, España ...
  3. A Sunday Tennis Match

    Just a quick blog, cause I was so energized by the tennis match I played Sunday.

    I hit against the #1 singles player on our varsity team (someone I've played a few times before... I'd say my record against him is 4-1).

    The match didn't start out close at all as I quickly got down 0-4 in the first set, before I managed to get to 3-5, serving. I played a blowful game that ended with me netting a third forehand of the game to lose the first set.

    His momentum ...
  4. WTA 2005-2008

    I’m filling my database with current results and retrospectively. Now I have a continious chunk of WTA data for 2005-2008 (upto date. 09/22/2008). During this period of time 42 players played more than 100 matches and won more than 50%. Here is the list sorted by number of matches won:

    Winner country won lost ratio
    1. Jankovic, Jelena SRB 204 97 0.6777
    2. Sharapova, Maria RUS 184 36 0.8364
    3. Kuznetsova, Svetlana RUS 183 72 0.7176
    4. Schnyder, ...
  5. New look at Year-end #1 ranking.

    I always felt that something is wrong with this statistical criterion. Why ranking on December 31st is more significant than on April 11th for example? Why 9-10 month old results should carry some weight if they happen to be this calendar year, but if it happened last year – they carry less importance. And reading Sampras’s book added to my frustration. He was chasing the record of Connors – 5 year-end finishes at #1 with such determination. Why? Why it is more important than number of the weeks? ...

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