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  1. The 2354 Olympic Games of the Modern Era

    When Amir Tolele from Kenithrea won the 100 Kilometres sprint in a new World and Olympic record of 59:17 minutes, many in the sporting community felt that something was fishy. Or, as Tolev Mandioca said, “something is catty”, referring to the rumours that Tolele has undergone genetic therapy and had been “infused” with some cheetah genes. Several people pointed out that Tolele’s previous best time was only 1:07:34 hours, and he had now suddenly broken the famed 1 hour barrier for the 100 kms. The ...
  2. Little Witch

    Carolina was a bit of an odd looking girl, long and willowy. Her straight hair was golden and she had a little, up-tilt nose that was a bit too long. She was, I can now say, simply going through that growth spurt that all teenagers go through but, as we were teenagers ourselves, the innate silliness of that age would come through and we would make fun of her.
    But what made Carolina odd was not herself, but her house. Carolina’s mother was a concert pianist, a woman of peculiar tastes that ...
  3. tennis - this funny game

    Tennis: this funny game

    Things that make no sense..
    · If they want to hit the ball to the other end of the court, why do they put up a net in the middle of the court to stop it?
    · If you want to hit the ball with a bat, why make a big round hole in its head? then, having made the hole, why fill it up with string?
    · If the idea is to hit the ball, why do they hold it at the end which is solid and use the other end, the one with a big hole, to ...
  4. Player Piano. A re-visit

    The book has aged considerably. Not the contents, the words or the ideas but the actual, physical book. The pages have turned yellow and the paperback cover has developed those little wrinkles that come from nowhere, simply because the materials have aged. I am a careful reader and therefore the back is not broken (I never bend the spine of a book to such a point), but the book is showing that it is a slight relic. Upon opening it the faint smell of dew or some other form of decay reaches me and, ...
  5. The Sentinels Part II (Fiction)

    Slowly, people around the world began to look at the Sentinels as something to be studied, and their amazing properties began to show. As those in Mecca would attest, the Sentinels made no noise upon impact. One could take the heaviest of hammers and smack one Sentinel as hard as possible, and no noise would be produced. It also came to the attention of everybody that they were perfectly polished and frictionless: people that touched them could not feel anything at all other than the resistance ...
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