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  1. Welcome home. A few minor changes have been made.

    A few minor changes have been made since you were last here.

    • All archived threads/posts have been gathered together and moved to a dedicated "Archive" area located at the bottom of the main forums page.
    • The "Members Only" forums have been moved up the list and are now located just below the main "Talk About Tennis" forum.
    • The "Home" page button in the main navigation bar now links to our base URL. Beginning Saturday our base URL
  2. Log book to the end of civilization. End

    I write this last entry from the comfort of home. It has been a few days since I arrived from Kurdistan, and I havenít thought about it during this time. But now I must.
    Kurdistan remains a mystery to me. Due to all the security concerns we had while in the area I canít say that I got to know it. We were locked in a bit too much, so what I end up with is not what I knew, but rather what I felt.
    Hardship can make you stronger, if you make it through it. I say may because I am not a ...
  3. Log book to the end of civilization. XXIII

    The day to start returning arrives. The lads celebrate that two of us will be free soon by simply drowning any last sense of civility and culture in pints and pints of lager (ďlohg'rĒ, as my Scot buddy says). That means that next morning I wake up, slightly hung over but ready to begin my journey.
    We travel back to Suly, on the same potholed, two lane road, which guarantees that we will see our death close up on a few occasions. The driver does not disappoint in that aspect, and two hours ...
  4. Log book to the end of civilization. XXII

    I get fed up with life in camp and I get an excuse to leave for one day. Destination: Kalar, the city where the whole visa issue was done.
    We travel early in the morning and get there in time to do what we have come for, and then have some time off. So we decide to hit the market.
    You have never been shopping unless you have been in an Arabic Souq (market). The one in Kalar does not disappoint. It is small, crowded, with waters from who- knows- where flowing through it. It is, like ...
  5. Log book to the end of civilization. XXI

    The clouds arrive.
    We wake up one morning to a steady drizzle which gently banged overnight on the metal roofs of the containers where we live. The camp is beginning to flood and we can tell that the roads are going to be dangerous and slippery. We wait until sunrise and then decide to call it a day. We canít risk an accident and all of our work is done off road, where the conditions will be more treacherous. We canít risk it.
    We know this means that any projected End of Job date is ...
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