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    2014 changes (conclusion)

    10) Win-loss percentage at Slams.
    Borg, Bjorn______89.24
    Nadal, Rafael____88.21
    Laver, Rod_______87.18
    Federer, Roger___86.11
    Djokovic, Novak__84.51
    Sampras, Pete____84.23
    Connors, Jimmy___82.62
    Lendl, Ivan______81.92
    Rosewall, Ken____81.74
    McEnroe, John____81.46
    Newcombe, John___81.15
    Agassi, Andre____80.87
    Becker, Boris____80.30
    Murray, Andy_____80.24
    Wilander, Mats___79.56

    Nadal continues to gain on Borg. Federer declined a little, while Djokovic improved and leapfrogged Sampras. And they are next to each other now at ##4 and 5. Murray kept his #14 and even got slightly closer to Becker.

    Overall weighted ranking
    Federer, Roger____16.74246
    Lendl, Ivan_______15.67745
    Connors, Jimmy____15.28460
    Nadal, Rafael_____14.65576
    Sampras, Pete_____13.67002
    McEnroe, John_____13.57588
    Borg, Bjorn_______13.30732
    Djokovic, Novak___13.18619
    Agassi, Andre_____12.88365
    Becker, Boris_____11.53133
    Edberg, Stefan____11.19872
    Laver, Rod________10.98069
    Vilas, Guillermo__10.85381
    Wilander, Mats_____9.76933
    Ashe, Arthur_______9.67845

    The only move from last year – Djokovic surged ahead of Agassi. Federer is increasing his lead due to accumulating stats in slams mostly and keeping his ground more or less in other categories.
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    2014 changes (cont.)

    7) Longest winning streak.
    Ashe, Arthur_______27
    Laver, Rod_________25

    No change here from last year.

    8) Share of tournaments won out of all entered.
    Laver, Rod________34.39
    Borg, Bjorn_______33.51
    Nadal, Rafael_____33.00
    McEnroe, John_____30.34
    Lendl, Ivan_______29.81
    Connors, Jimmy____27.92
    Federer, Roger____27.76
    Djokovic, Novak___27.53
    Sampras, Pete_____24.25
    Santana, Manuel___24.07
    Becker, Boris_____19.25
    Agassi, Andre_____19.20
    Vilas, Guillermo__18.29
    Newcombe, John____17.92
    Murray, Andy______17.22

    Nadal’s number decreased a bit and Borg again has 2nd place to himself. Djokovic is now very close to Federer. They still are at #7 and 8. Murray kept his place among top 15 in Open Era. This is a category where the smoke clears only when career of a player is over.

    9) Matches won in Slams.
    Federer, Roger____279
    Connors, Jimmy____233
    Agassi, Andre_____224
    Lendl, Ivan_______222
    Sampras, Pete_____203
    Nadal, Rafael_____187
    Djokovic, Novak___180
    Edberg, Stefan____178
    McEnroe, John_____167
    Becker, Boris_____163
    Hewitt, Lleyton___145
    Wilander, Mats____144
    Borg, Bjorn_______141
    Vilas, Guillermo__139
    Murray, Andy______134

    Again – all 4 of current Era “big 4” a present in Open Era top 15 in this category. Murray entered to the 15th place enforcing his claim to be a part of “big 4”. Nadal moved from #7 to #6 passing by Edberg, but Novak is on his heels, moving from #10 to #7 and now only 7 matches separate them.
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    2014 changes (cont.)

    4) Matches won in non-Slam events.
    Connors, Jimmy____1015
    Lendl, Ivan________837
    Vilas, Guillermo___778
    Nastase, Ilie______776
    Federer, Roger_____716
    McEnroe, John______703
    Ashe, Arthur_______661
    Smith, Stan________650
    Orantes, Manuel____643
    Agassi, Andre______643
    Edberg, Stefan_____610
    Gottfried, Brian___595
    Sampras, Pete______548
    Okker, Tom_________546
    Becker, Boris______544

    Federer bypassed McEnroe and now is at #5. He may yet catch and bypass Nastase and Vilas, But Lendl and Connors – does not look likely. Calendar is different now, great players play less. But it is on them… there is still the same amount of weeks in a year…

    5) Tournaments won (tournaments played).
    Connors, Jimmy___110___394
    Lendl, Ivan_______96___322
    Federer, Roger____83___299
    McEnroe, John_____81___267
    Nadal, Rafael_____67___203
    Borg, Bjorn_______65___194
    Sampras, Pete_____65___268
    Laver, Rod________65___189
    Nastase, Ilie_____64___373
    Agassi, Andre_____62___323
    Vilas, Guillermo__62___339
    Smith, Stan_______51___333
    Becker, Boris_____51___265
    Djokovic, Novak___49___178
    Ashe, Arthur______47___278

    Federer bypassed JMac and now is at #3. Nadal won 4 tournaments in 2014, but it was enough to bypass Nastase, Laver, Sampras and Borg. Rafa moved from #9 to #5 in this category. Novak entered top 15, he moved from #17 to #14 and if he’ll be healthy, moving to #12 looks like a sure bet next year.

    6) Accumulated ranking in Slams.
    Federer, Roger____28695
    Connors, Jimmy____20932
    Sampras, Pete_____20919
    Lendl, Ivan_______20704
    Nadal, Rafael_____20490
    Agassi, Andre_____19699
    Djokovic, Novak___16770
    Borg, Bjorn_______15871
    Edberg, Stefan____15241
    McEnroe, John_____15070
    Becker, Boris_____14045
    Wilander, Mats____13299
    Vilas, Guillermo__11256
    Newcombe, John____10286
    Murray, Andy______10183

    Federer continues to increase a gap between him and second place. This is a main reason for increasing his overall lead in weighted ranking. Nadal moved past Agassi to #5. Djokovic moved from #10 to #7 passing by McEnroe, Edberg and Borg. Murray entered top 15 despite not very successful year. This kind of enforces the notion that he is indeed a member of current era “big 4”, albeit a junior one )).
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    2014 changes added and small amount of 1970 data as well. In each category the comparison with last year standings is stressed.

    1) Accumulated ranking in non-Slams.
    Lendl, Ivan_______46289
    Connors, Jimmy____42755
    Federer, Roger____40988
    McEnroe, John_____36073
    Agassi, Andre_____31814
    Sampras, Pete_____31486
    Becker, Boris_____31034
    Nadal, Rafael_____30974
    Nastase, Ilie_____29519
    Edberg, Stefan____28898
    Vilas, Guillermo__27387
    Djokovic, Novak___26295
    Ashe, Arthur______24557
    Laver, Rod________24091
    Borg, Bjorn_______23457

    Novak entered top 15 and moved past Borg, Laver and Ashe. Nadal is #8 but gaining on Becker. If he plays at least some tourneys, he’ll pass to #7 and even maybe higher, because numbers of Becker, Sampras and Agassi are quite close. Federer is still at #3 but closer to Connors. It looks unlikely though that he’ll reach Ivan here. Lendl is on top of accumulated non-slam ranking for a foreseeable future

    2) Rated Ranking.
    Nadal, Rafael___253,5172
    Djokovic, Novak_241,9382
    Federer, Roger__233,0535
    Lendl, Ivan_____208,0528
    Borg, Bjorn_____202,7216
    Sampras, Pete___195,5410
    McEnroe, John___191,5468
    Becker, Boris___170,1094
    Laver, Rod______169,3757
    Connors, Jimmy__161,6421
    Agassi, Andre___159,4830
    Edberg, Stefan__152,2034
    Murray, Andy____150,4000
    Rosewall, Ken___135,7586
    Wilander, Mats__133,2143

    Nadal slightly decreased his number, while Djokovic significantly increased, which allowed him to overtake Federer, even though the latter improved a little bit. Murray had not a very good year and dropped below Edberg again. The lead of Nadal, Djokovic and Federer is also maybe due to the fact that they play much less smaller tournaments, which are decreasing rated ranking even if the player is successful. Huge prize money in modern tennis may contribute to this fact…

    3) Win-loss percentage at non-Slam events.
    Nadal, Rafael____81.86
    McEnroe, John____81.74
    Connors, Jimmy___81.66
    Lendl, Ivan______81.50
    Borg, Bjorn______81.31
    Djokovic, Novak__79.85
    Federer, Roger___79.73
    Laver, Rod_______79.14
    Vilas, Guillermo_76.50
    Ashe, Arthur_____76.42
    Sampras, Pete____76.22
    Becker, Boris____75.98
    Carlsson, Kent___75.51
    Roddick, Andy____74.65
    Agassi, Andre____74.51

    Nadal’s number dropped, bit he is still at top. Due to entering some old data Laver’s number slightly decreased and both Federer and Djokovic got ahead. Novak’s progress was bigger and as a result he moved from #8 to #6.
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    Longest winning streaks (weight – 0.8):
    Federer, Roger_________14
    Djokovic, Novak________13
    Wawrinka, Stanislas____13
    Murray, Andy___________11
    Berdych, Tomas_________11
    Goffin, David__________11
    Nadal, Rafael__________11
    Cuevas, Pablo__________10
    Nishikori, Kei_________10
    Cilic, Marin___________10
    Fognini, Fabio_________10
    Gulbis, Ernests_________9
    Dimitrov, Grigor________9
    Garcia-Lopez, Guillermo_8
    Ferrer, David___________8
    Lopez, Feliciano________7
    Raonic, Milos___________7
    Berlocq, Carlos_________7
    Bautista-Agut, Roberto__7

    Federer returned to the top in this category. Mostly due to the fact that nobody has really noticeable win streaks this year.

    Overall weighted ranking:
    Djokovic, Novak_______19.119
    Federer, Roger________15.887
    Nadal, Rafael_________13.854
    Wawrinka, Stanislas___11.652
    Cilic, Marin__________11.015
    Nishikori, Kei________11.007
    Murray, Andy__________10.759
    Berdych, Tomas_________9.655
    Dimitrov, Grigor_______9.273
    Raonic, Milos__________8.699
    Ferrer, David__________7.923
    Gulbis, Ernests________7.253
    Bautista-Agut, Roberto_7.170
    Tsonga, Jo-Wilfried____7.110
    Monfils, Gael__________6.852
    Isner, John____________6.223
    Fognini, Fabio_________6.156
    Robredo, Tommy_________6.095
    Lopez, Feliciano_______6.083
    Anderson, Kevin________6.014

    del Potro, Gasquet, Haas, Youzhny, Almagro, Simon left top 20.
    Entrants – Dimitrov, Gulbis, Bautista-Agut, Monfils, Fognini, Lopez.

    Novak’s 2014 is at #26 of the best years of all players since the beginning of Open Era, just behind Lendl’s 1982. Far from the best year for both of them…