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    2017 - conclusion

    10) Win-loss percentage at Slams.

    Borg, Bjorn______89.24
    Nadal, Rafael____87.26
    Laver, Rod_______87.18
    Federer, Roger___86.21
    Djokovic, Novak__85.87
    Sampras, Pete____84.23
    Connors, Jimmy___82.62
    Lendl, Ivan______81.92
    Rosewall, Ken____81.74
    McEnroe, John____81.46
    Murray, Andy_____81.39
    Newcombe, John___81.15
    Agassi, Andre____80.87
    Becker, Boris____80.30
    Wilander, Mats___79.56

    Nadal returned to #2 position. This is a very hard to keep up category. It took 2-slam years for both Roger and Rafa to move forward. Federer returned to #4 - this position was lost in 2015 to Novak, but after this year they traded places. Murray couldn't keep up and sunk below JMac to #11

    11) Overall weighted ranking

    Federer, Roger___17.4070
    Lendl, Ivan______15.1472
    Djokovic, Novak__15.1216
    Nadal, Rafael____14.9850
    Connors, Jimmy___14.7355
    McEnroe, John____13.2543
    Sampras, Pete____13.0096
    Borg, Bjorn______12.7029
    Agassi, Andre____12.3551
    Murray, Andy_____11.1238
    Becker, Boris____11.1085
    Laver, Rod_______10.8634
    Edberg, Stefan___10.7232
    Vilas, Guillermo_10.6363
    Ashe, Arthur______9.5366

    The only move is Nadal past Connors to #4. But Roger moved the goalposts in two critical categories - Slam ranking and Slam match wins, therefore everybody's numbers declined.
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    2017 (cont-d)

    7) Longest winning streak.

    Vilas, Guillermo___46
    Lendl, Ivan________44
    Djokovic, Novak____43
    McEnroe, John______42
    Borg, Bjorn________41
    Federer, Roger_____41
    Muster, Thomas_____35
    Nadal, Rafael______32
    Connors, Jimmy_____30
    Sampras, Pete______29
    Clerc, Jose-Luis___28
    Murray, Andy_______28
    Ashe, Arthur_______27
    Agassi, Andre______26
    Laver, Rod_________26

    The last remaining member of Big 4 carved his own piece of history - Murray entered the list at #12 with his streak of 28 wins...

    2017 (conclusion)
    8) Share of tournaments won out of all entered.

    Laver, Rod_______34.50
    Borg, Bjorn______33.33
    Djokovic, Novak__31.36
    McEnroe, John____30.00
    Nadal, Rafael____30.00
    Lendl, Ivan______29.45
    Federer, Roger___28.66
    Connors, Jimmy___27.78
    Sampras, Pete____23.47
    Santana, Manuel__22.95
    Murray, Andy_____20.26
    Agassi, Andre____19.14
    Becker, Boris____19.03
    Newcombe, John___17.97
    Vilas, Guillermo_17.92

    Novak's number went down, but he still kept 3rd position. Nadal moved from #5 to sharing ##4-5 with JMac. Federer switched back with Connors and again is at #7. Moving up at this very demanding category at his age is unprecedented.

    9) Matches won in Slams.

    Federer, Roger____325
    Djokovic, Novak___237
    Connors, Jimmy____233
    Nadal, Rafael_____226
    Agassi, Andre_____224
    Lendl, Ivan_______222
    Sampras, Pete_____203
    Murray, Andy______188
    Edberg, Stefan____178
    McEnroe, John_____167
    Becker, Boris_____163
    Hewitt, Lleyton___147
    Ferrer, David_____145
    Wilander, Mats____144
    Borg, Bjorn_______141

    Roger is alone at top, and this record is unlikely to be beaten in a foreseeable future... Novak moved past Connors and now is at #2. To put things into perspective, Novak needs to win 14 Grand Slam tournaments (98/7) to catch Federer in this category... With all due respect - this is most likely the job for some future genius not in our lifetime... Nadal meanwhile moved from #7 to #4 and Murray - from #9 to #8. David Ferrer rose from #15 to 13...
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    2017 (cont-d)

    5) Tournaments won (tournaments played).

    Connors, Jimmy___110___396
    Lendl, Ivan_______96___326
    Federer, Roger____96___335
    McEnroe, John_____81___270
    Nadal, Rafael_____78___260
    Laver, Rod________69___200
    Djokovic, Novak___69___220
    Nastase, Ilie_____66___379
    Sampras, Pete_____65___277
    Borg, Bjorn_______65___195
    Vilas, Guillermo__62___346
    Agassi, Andre_____62___324
    Smith, Stan_______52___338
    Becker, Boris_____51___268
    Ashe, Arthur______49___283

    Federer now shares #2-3 with Lendl. Unlike ATP I just can't discount Lendl's interrupted Rotterdam final against Connors, where he led 6-0, 1-0. Novak reached Rod Laver and shares ## 6-7 with The Rocket. Everybody else kept their seats, though Nadal is quite close to JMac now.

    6) Accumulated ranking in Slams.

    Federer, Roger___33125
    Nadal, Rafael____23989
    Djokovic, Novak__23527
    Connors, Jimmy___20932
    Sampras, Pete____20919
    Lendl, Ivan______20704
    Agassi, Andre____19699
    Borg, Bjorn______15871
    Edberg, Stefan___15241
    McEnroe, John____15070
    Murray, Andy_____14755
    Becker, Boris____14045
    Wilander, Mats___13299
    Vilas, Guillermo_11256
    Newcombe, John___10286

    Federer continued to increase a gap between him and second place. But this time it was quite an increase... Nonetheless Nadal gained even more and switched places with Novak. Nadal is #2 now. No other moves here... Murray is stalling...
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    2017 (cont-d)

    3) Win-loss percentage at non-Slam events.

    McEnroe, John____81.69
    Djokovic, Novak__81.52
    Connors, Jimmy___81.50
    Lendl, Ivan______81.42
    Borg, Bjorn______81.27
    Nadal, Rafael____80.95
    Federer, Roger___80.30
    Laver, Rod_______78.39
    Vilas, Guillermo_76.49
    Murray, Andy_____76.46
    Ashe, Arthur_____76.12
    Becker, Boris____75.97
    Carlsson, Kent___75.63
    Sampras, Pete____75.27
    Agassi, Andre____74.48

    Novak moved from #3 to #2, bypassing Connors. Nadal and Federer slightly improved their numbers, but kept their respective places at ## 6 and 7. Murray sank below Vilas to #10.

    2017 (cont.)

    4) Matches won in non-Slam events.

    Connors, Jimmy____1022
    Lendl, Ivan________850
    Nastase, Ilie______812
    Vilas, Guillermo___807
    Federer, Roger_____807
    McEnroe, John______714
    Ashe, Arthur_______679
    Smith, Stan________665
    Orantes, Manuel____664
    Nadal, Rafael______646
    Agassi, Andre______645
    Edberg, Stefan_____628
    Gottfried, Brian___604
    Ferrer, David______570
    Okker, Tom_________563

    Federer now shares #4-5 with Vilas. Last year he was at #5. Nadal moved from #12 to #10, passing by Edberg and Agassi. David Ferrer entered top 15. With some new old data Okker is back to top 15...
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    2017 changes. Also courtesy of TennisArchives site a big chunk of 1968-1971 data was added. In each category the comparison with last year standings is stressed.
    The results are based on 4323 tournaments and 1332 Davis Cup ties. They contained 170318 matches.

    1) Accumulated ranking in non-Slams.

    Federer, Roger____46739
    Lendl, Ivan_______46289
    Connors, Jimmy____42832
    Nadal, Rafael_____37822
    McEnroe, John_____36073
    Djokovic, Novak___35220
    Agassi, Andre_____31814
    Sampras, Pete_____31486
    Becker, Boris_____31008
    Nastase, Ilie_____29977
    Edberg, Stefan____28896
    Vilas, Guillermo__27391
    Laver, Rod________24923
    Ashe, Arthur______24854
    Murray, Andy______24468

    Federer moved past Lendl and set a new high watermark in this category. Nadal moved from #5 to #4, passing by John McEnroe. Due to influx of old data Laver bypassed Ashe and moved from #14 to #13. Of course for all the old-timers Open Era threshold cuts their careers in half and we are looking only at the second half. But it is what it isÖ

    2) Rated Ranking.

    Djokovic, Novak_267.0318
    Federer, Roger__238.4000
    Nadal, Rafael___237.7346
    Lendl, Ivan_____205.5000
    Borg, Bjorn_____201.6821
    McEnroe, John___189.4185
    Sampras, Pete___189.1877
    Murray, Andy____172.7885
    Becker, Boris___168.1082
    Laver, Rod______164.2200
    Connors, Jimmy__161.0202
    Agassi, Andre___158.9907
    Edberg, Stefan__147.6154
    Rosewall, Ken___138.0000
    Wilander, Mats__130.4733

    Novak still firmly at top at this category, though his numbers slightly deteriorated. Federer moved past Nadal to #2. From efficiency standpoint he has better year than Rafa. Rafa won more points, but entered more tournaments, and his losses hurt his ratio more. Still, his overall number increased, itís just that Rogerís number increased slightly more. Murray kept his high position at #8, though his number decreased a bit.