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  1. The 9th Annual Munchie Awards; or 2016 in review

    Because it's Oscar time and they're sure to get it wrong, as per usual, itís once again time to look back at the previous year in film through the lens of...ME!!!!! That's right, it's the 9th Annual Munchie Awards! I hope to shine a spotlight on some of the 2016's cinematic gems while pointedly ignoring some of the bafflingly praised films of the year (I'm looking at you, Hacksaw Ridge).

    As per tradition, I like to save the best for first. Here are my 15 favorite films of the ...
  2. 2017 Aussie Open Suicide Pool: The LOSER'S Lounge

    Quote Originally Posted by NatLee View Post
    Not really about the AO itself, but:
    That _____ Poem

    Visit Melbourne has gone way too far,
    The poem is a fast fading star.
    Two years on the air has tarnished its shine
    It should be retired; it is past its prime.

    Night life and dining and exploring cafes,
    Excursions and fun could fill our days.
    The beaches and birds we would love to see
    And the parks and museums are the places to be.

    It is just that the poem has worn
  3. On Cyber Dying

    A few days ago I woke up to turn on my mail and check what had happened while the world turned under my feet and found myself with a rather unusual mail. Or rather, unexpected. It was not that the news was unreal or exceptional, because it was not.
    A friend was contacting me to inform me that a common acquaintance had died recently. The mail was brief and to the point; the friend informing me of the event is not used to euphemisms or beating around the bush. It was direct and simply said: ...
  4. Logbook to a resentment (End)

    A month of Mondays goes by, every day identical to the previous one, exactly as the one to follow. But one day one particular Monday arrives and it is time to leave. I hate farewells because there have been so many in my live that they have taken their toll. So I bid goodbye to just a few people and get on a truck that will take me back to the big city and I get done with it.
    But as I drive away I decide that that is not a proper way. The truck has a two way radio and I know that all the ...
    Tags: bolivia, the end
  5. Logbook to a resentment (part XI)

    It is easy to understand where magical thinking and witchcraft came from when you see a moon rise in a place like the heartland of Bolivia.
    Picture yourself 10,000 years ago, all ignorant and always in danger of being eaten by some much more athletic mammal. As night fell, there in the horizon a tenuous light would start to glow. Slowly the shadows in that side of the celestial vault would yield to a pale light which would grow larger until this majestic rock would appear. You could see it ...
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