View Full Version : Recent upgrades

10-19-2007, 04:20 PM
It's unfortunate that the major upgrade I did about a month ago has led to the necessity of several smaller upgrades.

As is common with major new software releases, not all bugs appear until the software is being used on a large scale (in this case, everyone who upgraded their vBulletin forums). vBulletin and other makers of the software we use are discovering smaller problems and releasing fixes. That's what these minor upgrades recently have been about.

As time rolls on, the need for me to shut down TAT periodically will become much less (for all I know this could be the last time).

Anyway, I just want TAT's members to know that I'm not on some weird drug-induced upgrading frenzy just for the fun of it. I only shut TAT down when it's necessary.

Thanks for you patience. :)