View Full Version : Drill (Serve): Aiming the serve

09-29-2007, 01:15 PM
This is a drill that will help you to develop accuracy with your serve!

Grab a basket of balls and hit the court. Set up a pyramid of ball in the service box in various locations. Typically the corners are good spots to place the pyramid of balls. Now when you serve try aiming for the pyramid of balls. This allows you to really concentrate on hitting the ball at a target. By placing the balls in the corners this also forces you to try and serve deep within the service box. The deeper your serve in the service box the better!

Don't just try to aim your first serve, also try to develop your accuracy with your second serve. Too many players just hit a second serve and hope it goes into the service box, don't be one of them, learn to aim your second serve as well!!!

Practice serving to both the duece and ad sides of the court.

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