View Full Version : Drill (Ground Strokes): Cross Court/Cross Court

09-29-2007, 01:09 PM
This drill helps to improve the cross court shots.

Most shots in tennis are played cross court. This allows the players to hit over the lower point of the net and also allows more room for error since the court is longer in the diagonal direction rather than down the line.

Each player should start in the middle of the court. One player starts the rally by hitting cross court. Assuming both players are right handed or both are left handed, they will be practicing the same shot. Continue hitting the ball cross court until someone misses and then start over again. Make sure to return to the center of the court after each shot so that you don't cheat and stand closer to the corner than you normally would.

Be sure to switch it up and hit both backhands and forehands cross court. The backhand is a good one to focus on because many players will try to pick on the weaker side which is usually the backhand. If you can develop a deep cross court backhand you will set up a lot of good points.

The better you get the harder you can try and hit the ball. Only hit the forehand if you are practicing the cross court forehand.

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